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US Ski & Snowboard License Information

Updated October 2021


Get your US Ski & Snowboard license here.


Which license do I choose? See USSS Membership Info



Check your emailed receipt and membership card to be sure all your information is correct, including the membership category and member’s date of birth. Contact member services immediately with any changes or corrections. USSS Contact information  is 435-647-2666 or send an email to


SafeSport Training & Background Checks:

All athletes over 18 or who turn 18 during the season are required to complete SafeSport Training as part of their US Ski & Snowboard license requirement. Please make sure to allow for time to complete this course when purchasing your US Ski & Snowboard license. US Ski & Snowboard does not allow for any exceptions for skiers without valid licenses at time of competition.


General License for:

  • U08/U10/U12 skiers

  • U14 skiers who are trying to make Team Alaska for Arctic Winter Games*

  • U16 and older skiers not trying to make Team Alaska for Arctic Winter Games or Junior Nationals

Competitive License for:

  • U16 and older skiers trying to make Team Alaska for either the Arctic Winter Games or Junior Nationals

  • Skiers over 18 who wish to be scored within the US Ski & Snowboard points system

Non-Scored Athlete (18 & over)

  • The Non-Scored Athlete membership provides access to all levels of U.S. Ski & Snowboard scored and non-scored competitions at the local, divisional, regional and national level. However, as the name implies it does not include access to the U.S. Ski & Snowboard points list.


*U14 skiers are only required to purchase a General license; but a benefit of purchasing a Competitive license is when second-year U14 skiers race the same distance with U16 skiers, they will be scored within the US Ski & Snowboard points system. This will help their race seeding for future Besh Cup races. Points are calculated on the races competed in the previous 12 months. See CCAK Seed Points.
The Besh Cup online race registration form requires a current US Ski & Snowboard license number and to indicate "General" or "Competitive". Athletes who indicate General in their online registration will not show up on the Junior Nationals points list. Athletes who indicate Competitive and only have a General license at the time of the competition are not eligible to earn Team Alaska points for races in which the skier was in possession of the General license.

Athletes may contact US Ski & Snowboard directly at 435-647-2666 to upgrade from a General to Competitive license. Additionally, athletes who have a Jumping/Nordic Combined license should contact US Ski & Snowboard to link the licenses so points are accumulated correctly.

US Ski & Snowboard Q & A

What is the rule regarding US Ski & Snowboard licenses for Junior Nationals and Arctic Winter Games hopefuls?
Only skiers who have their USSA license numbers on file with Cross Country Alaska prior to a race will earn points in that race. It is possible that a skier will ski fast enough to make the team, but will not score points because he/she didn't have a license at the time of the race. That is why we are mounting an educational effort to make sure everyone knows the rule beforehand. We want all of our fastest skiers on Team Alaska.

Do U14 skiers need a US Ski & Snowboard license to tryout for Arctic Winter Games?
All skiers in this age group at a minimum need the annual General license. It is beneficial for second-year U14 skiers to have a Competitive license as they usually have  opportunities in a season to race with U16 skiers. When this occurs, the U14 skiers also are scored within the US Ski & Snowboard points system; gaining them better seed positions in future Besh Cup races.


I am a U16 (or U18)  only trying to qualify for Arctic Winter Games, not Junior Nationals. Why do I need a US Ski & Snowboard license?
The Arctic Winter Games and Junior Nationals use the same qualifying procedure and the same points list. In order to be on that list, you need a US Ski & Snowboard license.

I want to ski in ConocoPhillips Besh Cup races, but I am not trying out for Arctic Winter Games or Junior Nationals. Do I need a US Ski & Snowboard license?
Yes. US Ski & Snowboard offers a General license athletes under 18 for and a Non-Scored Athlete license for skiers 18 and older. or who will turn 18 during the season.
However, we strongly suggest that top Senior and Master skiers likely to finish in the top ten get a Competitive license. Our top skiers are penalized in their national ranking if other top racers do not have a Competitive license.

I signed up for my US Ski & Snowboard license, what else do I have to do?
Provide the US Ski & Snowboard number when you complete online race registration for ConocoPhillips Besh races.

I have a US Ski & Snowboard number from last year. Is that sufficient?
Only if you have renewed your license for this season. All US Ski & Snowboard licenses expire on June 30 every year, so you must renew to keep your US Ski & Snowboard number valid.


I have a General license and would like to upgrade to a Competitive license. What do I do?
Contact US Ski & Snowboard directly at 435-647-2666 to upgrade from a General to Competitive license.


FIS License   


  • FIS license is not required to compete in the ConocoPhillips Besh Cup race series.   

  • FIS license is recommended for skiers who plan to attend US Nationals competitions.       

  • Skiers who attend US Nationals and qualify for an international team (World Juniors & U18) need to have an FIS license to compete on the international team and should purchase this license prior to attending US Nationals. 


The first two races of the ConocoPhillips Besh Cup race series are often sanctioned by FIS. Skiers who possess FIS licenses for FIS-sanctioned races will receive priority seeding over non FIS-licensed skiers.   


FIS licenses may be purchased on the US Ski & Snowboard membership site.

Competition Guides

FIS Rules & Competition Guide

US Ski & Snowboard Nordic Competition Guide

Regarding race-day cancellation because of weather, FIS and US Ski & Snowboard rules state:


  • The Jury must clarify and decide whether a competition shall be postponed, interrupted or cancelled.

  • If the temperature is below -20 ° C, measured at the coldest point of the course, a competition will be postponed or cancelled by the Jury. With difficult weather conditions (e.g., strong wind, high air humidity, heavy snowfall, or high temperature) the Jury may, in consultation with the Team Captains of the participating teams and the doctor responsible for the competition, postpone or cancel the competition.

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