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Before registering for Besh Cup races renew your US Ski & Snowboard license:
Registration deadline is always midnight on the Wednesday prior to the races.
Skiers who want to try out for Junior Nationals
  • Make sure your license is a Competitive license.

  • Races you participate in with a General license will not count toward JN points.

  • If your license is not current when the points list for a race is generated, your points from last season will not be reflected in seeding.

  • This goes for both US Ski & Snowboard license and FIS license.

SafeSport/Background Check/Avalanche Awareness
  • Skiers who turn 18 during the season or are over 18 are responsible for ensuring their license is current.

  • This means meeting the background check, SafeSport, and Avalanche Awareness requirements as directed by US Ski & Snowboard.

  • Please do not wait until the week of the race to register for the background check. It may take several weeks to clear.

  • Please do not wait until the night before the race to complete SafeSport. Only members with current licenses at the time CCAK starts creating start lists (Thursdays at noon) will be put on start lists.

  • CCAK may provide a courtesy reminder but meeting this requirement is the responsibility of the skier.

  • Skiers on the US Ski & Snowboard Pending list are responsible for notifying CCAK that their requirements are complete and license is valid.

Skiers who want to try out for Arctic Winter Games
  • U16 & U18 skiers - make sure your license is a Competitive license.

  • U14 skiers only need a General license.

Other Registration Tips
  • The registration form accepts 3 email addresses. You don't need to enter the same email address in all 3 lines.

  • The registration receipt goes to the first email entered.

  • Make sure to indicate your Team, Club, or School and check the box for which affiliation you want to show in results.

FIS Information

Though Besh Cup races are often FIS-sanctioned races, a FIS license is not required to participate. Skiers should consult their club coach about purchasing an FIS license.

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