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Regional Elite Group (REG) Camp

U16 National Camp

Athletes who qualify for REG camp will be invited in late April/early May. The Competition Committee discusses the REG Camp format at the April CCAK Summit; and usual dates for this camp are middle-late July.

Check REG Criteria below to understand selection process.

U16 athletes who compete in Junior Nationals and finish in the top 20 ranking list receive an invite to this regional camp.

Congratulations to the following athletes who were selected to attend this year's camp in July at College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota.

  • Aaron Maves

  • Quincy Donley

  • Maria Nedom

  • Meredith Schwartz

  • Katey Houser

In addition, each region receives two discretionary picks (one male / one female) which will be announced in early May. The 2019 U16 Camp discretionary picks are:

  • Marit Flora

  • Josh Baurick

Alaska will also be sending Coach Greta Anderson to the U16 Camp as the Alaska coach representative.

2019 U16 National Camp Information

U16/U14 Alaska Camp

Cross Country Alaska is considering putting together a camp for U16/U14 athletes. Stay tuned for information.