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Mission: To create and support a cross country skiing culture and environment that allows Alaska cross country ski racers to succeed at regional, national and international competitions.

Board of Directors
Competition Committee
Hall of Fame

The Board of Directors meets by teleconference at 8pm on the second Tuesday of each month. If you have interest in presenting a topic to the Board, please contact the Executive Administrator.

The Competition Committee handles all ski-racing related matters for CCAK.  It is comprised of coaches, officials, and host club representatives who provide input, create the season schedule, adjust the schedule as necessary, enforce CCAK & US Ski & Snowboard rules, select Team Alaska coaches, review policies & procedures as necessary to keep developing Alaska cross country skiers. The Competition Committee meets monthly; and during the racing months meets with a formal agenda to put together race plans with each host club.

In 1999 CCAK created a process, took nominations and voted in the first members to this Hall of Fame. Since then ski life happened for the people involved and the Hall of Fame was put on the back burner. CCAK made it a priority to recognize those who forged the way and developed the trails for the skiers of today to enjoy their successes.

In April 2015, CCAK hosted a celebration honoring the inaugural class of the Alaska Cross Country Hall of Fame; and a second class was inducted in October 2016.

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