Navigating Besh Cup Races

This information is generic information when CCAK is organizing races during a normal season. There will not be league points accumulated during the 2021 season but the usual protocol of registration deadlines and refund policy will remain in effect.

​Besh Season Format

The Besh Cup racing schedule aims to mirror the United States Ski & Snowboard Junior Nationals Championships experience which includes:

  • 2 sprints races, 2 individual start races, and 2 mass start races

  • 3 classic technique, 3 freestyle technique

  • Similar distances & formats to Junior Nationals races

Weekend Timeline

To understand how a race weekend is organized please view the Sample ConocoPhillips Besh Cup Race Weekend Timeline (Updated April 2019)

Postponement, Cancellation, or Relocation

If two weeks prior to the race, the scheduled venue has conditions that are questionable, the Competition Committee will meet to discuss a change in venue.

Ask Your Coaches!

If you are part of a club or team, don't hesitate to ask your coaches important questions such as "When should I arrive at the venue?" and "How will I know if I race another time on a sprint day?"

May I get a Refund if I cannot attend a race?

No refunds will be given if you are unable to attend a Besh Cup race. As a partnership with the host clubs, CCAK shares the registration fees with them; and has annual expenses of insurance, race awards, coaches & official development and supporting Team Alaska for Arctic Winter Games and Junior Nationals.

How many Besh Cup races will be counted?
The CCAK Competition Committee uses the below table to determine how many races to count:

  • Best 4 of 6

  • Best 3 of 5

  • Best 3 of 4

  • Best 2 of 3

  • Best 2 of 2

US Ski & Snowboard License Requirements

US Ski & Snowboard requires all who ski in sanctioned races (this includes ConocoPhillips Besh Cup races) to purchase one of two US Ski & Snowboard license categories: General or Competitive. To be considered for Team Alaska, you must have a Competitive license at the time you participate in races you want to count toward Team Alaska point accumulation. In Arctic Winter Games years, U14 skiers looking to make Team Alaska for Arctic Winter Games only need a General license; and U16 & U18 looking to make Team Alaska for Arctic Winter Games need a Competitive license.

Race day registration is available only for participants who hold a current US Ski & Snowboard license on the day of the race. New this year is a requirement by US Ski & Snowboard for adult racers to complete SafeSport training and pass a background check. Therefore, adult skiers need to allow between one and two weeks prior to race weekend to meet the US Ski & Snowboard license requirements. US Ski & Snowboard no longer allows short-term memberships for adults. Cross Country Alaska wants you to be able to participate; so please plan accordingly to meet the US Ski & Snowboard license requirement.

If you are a multisport athlete with a competitive US Ski & Snowboard (jumper/biathlete), please notify US Ski & Snowboard to include your points from sanctioned ski races into the USSS points database.

Please visit Frequently Asked Questions for more information on this topic.

​SafeSport Requirements

All participants aged 18 and older are required to complete SafeSport training as part of their US Ski & Snowboard license. This is required of all US Ski & Snowboard coaches and officials and beginning with the 2019-20 ski season is required of all adult racers.