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CCAK Coaching Information

The CCAK Competition Committee forms a Coach Selection Committee each October to review Team Alaska coaching applications. All coaches must possess a current US Ski & Snowboard coaching license.

Visit US Ski & Snowboard for license requirements.

Team Alaska Coaching Staff Selection Process


Team Alaska Coaching Manual

Level 200 Coaching Certification Documents

Coaching Application - Submit by November 1, 2022 to

US Ski & Snowboard Competition Rules

Along with the refinement of race formats in the past few years there have been many rule changes.  These changes are a result of a better understanding of the experience of the race and attempt to provide for safe and fair competitions.  From the perspective of the racer, it boils down to a set of responsibilities.

Coaches - please familiarize yourself with the current rules and documents below and review important rules and updates with your athletes.

Thank you to the following coaches who supported Team Alaska for Junior Nationals:

Greta Anderson

Jan Buron

Stan Carrick

Ja Dorris (co-head coach)

Mikey Evans (co-head coach)

Branden Fontana

Lauren Fritz

Aasne Hoveid

Rachelle Kanady

Naomi Kiekintveld (apprentice)

Sarissa Lammers

Karina Packer

Cody Priest

Sam Sterling

Eric Strabel

Conner Truskowski (apprentice)

Alasdai Tutt

Marion Woods

Thank you to the following coaches who supported Team Alaska for Intermountain Youth Division Championships:

Rachelle Kanady

Sarissa Lammers

Marion Woods

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