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Points Lists

Cross Country Alaska maintains ranking lists, each with a specific purpose:

Team Alaska Points List

  • Skiers in 3 classes - U14, U16 and combined U18/U20 - are scored for each sex.

  • Every year U16, U18, & U20 skiers have the opportunity to represent Team Alaska at Junior Nationals.

  • In even years, U14, U16, & U18 skiers have the opportunity to represent Team Alaska at Arctic Winter Games. Exception is 2023 - Arctic Winter Games was postponed from 2020.

    • 2024 is set to resume normal schedule with AWG being held in the Mat-Su Valley, Alaska.

  • In odd years, U14 skiers may have the opportunity to represent Team Alaska at the Intermountain Division Youth Festival.

Only skiers with current Competitive US Ski & Snowboard licenses are eligible to score points on the Team Alaska Points List (with the exception of U14 in which the General license is acceptable). The list is based on the sum of a skier's best four (4) results from any of the first six (6) races in the Besh Cup Series. There is no minimum number of races required. Points are based on finish place order and the World Cup Points schedule.

  • List 1 – After Besh Cup #1 and #2

  • List 2 – After Besh Cup #3 and #4

  • Final Selection List – After Besh Cup #6


Keep in mind that the two races of any weekend of racing represents up to one-half of the total points that a skier can score. This means that the final weekend can have a major effect on the ranking order. It may be as important to "maintain your position" by racing as it is to try to improve your points. It would be unfortunate to miss out on the Junior Nationals team simply because you did not attend the final races.

If for some reason one or more of the Besh Cup races are cancelled, instead of the best four (4) of six (6) races, the number of races counted for calculating Junior Nationals/AWG qualifying scores will become the best three (3) of five (5) races, or the best three (3) of four (4) races, or best two (2) of three (3) races, or best two (2) of two (2) races.


Besh Cup Points List

Besh Cup points are scored for all age classes of each sex. The Besh Cup medals are based on the total points accumulated in all 6 races. Points in the U18/U20 classes will be based on finish place with separate age classes. This list is NOT the same as Junior Nationals/AWG Qualifying points that pick the best 4 of 6 races.


The combined U18/U20 finish place scoring is used for Junior Nationals Qualifying and it is also used to select the recipient of the Besh Cup Trophy (the inscribed traveling Besh Cup Trophy award) that is presented to the top male and top female skier (combined U18/U20 class) based on all six (6) races.

Points are allocated based on the World Cup Points Schedule



CCAK Seed Points List

This is used to determine the start order position (seeding) of all athletes in all Besh Cup events. A method is needed to rank skiers across age classes so that skiers of the same ability are placed in proximity in the start order and therefore they are more likely to ski in close head-to-head competition on the course. CCAK uses a point calculation scheme (kept separately for men and women) that establishes a single ranking list extending across all age classes. The Seed Points rank positions of all athletes in those classes skiing a given course distance determines the start order with the lowest scored (fastest) skier starting last.


The seed point score for the race depends on each skier’s time (total seconds - not finish order), with the fastest skier for each course distance receiving 0.00 points. Each subsequent finisher receives points based on % time behind the fastest skier’s time. All skiers on the same course and distance receive points calculated irrespective of age class. Additional points are added to scale for relative course difficulty; 600 points are added for the U08 course, 500 for the U10 course, 400 for U12, 300 for U14, and 200 for U16. An exception occurs when, for example, if U12 and U14 skiers compete on the same course at a given race, the 2 classes are interspersed (seeded together in start position) and both the U12 and the U14 skiers will be scored with the lower adjustment of 300 additional points. If a competitor has no previous CCAK seed points but instead has US Ski & Snowboard National Ranking List (NRL) points, the NRL points (Overall category) will be used in place of the CCAK seed points to establish start position. CCAK seed points are not calculated for races other than the Besh Cup series. NRL points may not used in place of CCAK seed points if the athlete has raced in a previous Besh Cup race.

All of the Besh Cup races are US Ski & Snowboard sanctioned, provided the host club completes and submits the race registration paperwork and pays the sanctioning fee. CCAK will submit the race results to US Ski & Snowboard for scoring. NRL points are earned only by athletes competing at the longest male and female distance, therefore U14 and U16 athletes are not scored even if the race is sanctioned by US Ski & Snowboard as a NRL race.

The formula used to calculate points is the same formula used to calculate FIS points and US Ski & Snowboard National Ranking List points.

Points = 600 x [ (skier's time / winner's time) – 1 ]

The lower the number, the better the result. Time is total seconds.

CCAK Seed Point scores are based upon the average points from each skier's best 4 seed point results in the previous 12 months. Ranking/seeding points are recalculated after each pair of Besh Cup races, and at the end of the season. Points for skiers who have fewer than 4 results in a 12-month period are equal to the average points scored plus a penalty of 20%, but the penalty is limited by a minimum or maximum of 4 and 26 points. Points for skiers who have no results in a 12-month period but who were CCAK members with points in a prior year, then the previous year’s points will be used with the 20% penalty.

How many Besh Cup races will be counted?
The CCAK Competition Committee uses the below table to determine how many races to count:

  • Best 4 of 6

  • Best 3 of 5

  • Best 3 of 4

  • Best 2 of 3

  • Best 2 of 2

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