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Congratulations to Maggie Whitaker and Luke Buth - Junior Nationals Team Alaska recipients of the 2020 Pia's Scholarship!


Updated Calendar to Reflect Season Changes (To reflect distance changes made at 1/29/2020 Competition Committee Meeting.)


January 29, 2020

Packets available for:

  • Junior Nationals

  • Arctic Winter Games


If you’re in contention for either team, to streamline the process on Sunday, please print your packet ahead of time (whatever your superstitions may be). Bonus points if you have everything in an envelope!


The ceremony will begin as soon as possible after the final race; approximately 2pm.


Thank you to those of you who have conveyed plans if you are a JN person who will most likely accept an AWG position instead. We know there are two races left to give us final standings.


This is a time of the year where people ask questions about Team Selection Criteria. That has also been updated on the Website and is along the top menu.


Volunteer Opportunities

Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage is looking for volunteers for Saturday. Click here for information.

Mat-Su Ski Club is looking for volunteers for Sunday. Click here for information.



  • Watch the Besh 5 & 6 details on the website after the Competition Committee meeting for concession plans at each race.

  • Remember to bring $5 for parking on Sunday.


Fairbanks Families in Need of Accommodations

There is at least one Anchorage family offering accommodations to help out Fairbanks families. CCAK is not managing this effort, but here is a shared document if you would like to check the option of staying with an Anchorage family. Southcentral families (Anchorage, Eagle River, Mat-Su Valley) who have open rooms and a schedule to accommodate visitors, you are welcome to add your name to this list. Maybe there is a Fairbanks family who would like to shave some costs.


Thank you to the coaches who are traveling with athletes to Truckee and Whitehorse!

JN Co-head coaches/trip leaders:

  • Ja Dorris

  • Anson Moxness.

JN Staff:

  • Tobias Albrigtsen

  • Nick Crawford

  • Branden Fontana

  • Åsne Hoveid

  • Cameron Johnson

  • Sarissa Lammers

  • Karina Packer

  • Eliza Rorabaugh

  • Sam Sterling

  • Eric Strabel

  • Seiji Takagi

  • Stan Carrick


AWG Head Coach:

  • Galen Johnston

AWG Staff:

  • Naomi Kiekintveld

  • Conner Truskowski



Here is an update on Besh Cup #6 scheduled to be held at Government Peak Recreation Area in Palmer:

Thanks to the efforts of the MatSu Ski Club, a potential conflict that would have affected the conduct of Besh Cup #6 at GPRA has been overcome.  After the meeting Sunday night, MSSC learned that, contrary to what they had earlier been told, the GPRA chalet had been reserved for a wedding on Sunday, February 2.  Through a lot of effort, communication and persuasion, that conflict has been eliminated.  MSSC went to great lengths to overcome this problem, and make it possible for the skiers, coaches and spectators at Besh Cup 6 to have a warm place to go before and after racing, which is very important on what promises to be a chilly day.


The CCAK Competition Committee extends its thanks to the MatSu Ski Club for ensuring that it will be possible to conduct the race on Sunday at GPRA.


Additional announcements:

  • Skiers looking to make the Junior Nationals team: CCAK has received confirmations from collegiate skiers who prequalified for Junior Nationals Team Alaska which affected the U18/U20 points list. Please make sure to visit the standings list prior to Besh Cup races 5 & 6.

  • Arctic Winter Games & Junior Nationals team packets are being finalized today and should be posted by tonight. The majority of the information will be gathered via an online form; so there are only a one or two signed forms that need to be turned in on Sunday; as well as payment. Bring your checkbook to write a check on Sunday; or there is an online payment option that incurs the credit card processing fee. It would help streamline the process if you printed the information from the website and had paperwork ready to go, in an envelope – something easy to hand over to the coaches. If you aren’t attending this weekend, but intend to accept a position, please notify me by Friday, January 31.

  • CCAK has created a What’s App group for Saturday & Sunday. It is named Besh Cup 5 & 6 Comm. The link is: https://chat.whatsapp.com/I9nnosdCZxH8HKYd1PdZyA, but of course will only work on a mobile device. To minimize confusion, it is restricted for only the organizing committee to push out announcements.

  • If you haven’t picked up your Tshirt yet, please stop by the registration table on Saturday. Tshirts are free to racers who register for all six races and to all youth skiers under age 12. Shirts are available for purchase for $20.

  • Team Naming Ceremony: We are putting together a race schedule to finish as early as possible on Sunday and have team naming immediately following the last race (U08/U10 skiers). We realize that Fairbanks families may need to depart; but barring weather complications or schedule deviations, we should be able to begin the ceremony by 2pm.

  • CCAK is looking for 2 volunteers each day to handle flower ceremonies. Saturday duties include herding top skiers of each age group for flower/medal presentations following each race.  Sunday duties similar but also include Besh series medal presentations and Besh Cup award presentation as part of the team naming ceremony. Please contact me if you are interested.


The CCAK Competition Committee voted tonight to relocate Besh Cup races 5 & 6 to southcentral Alaska. Besh 5 will be held at Kincaid park and Besh 6 will be held at Government Peak Recreation Area. More details will be published but we wanted to immediately alert everyone to the change.


Information previously published about Alaska Airlines accommodating flight cancellations was not accurate.


Thank you for your understanding and as a committee, all acknowledged the hardship this places on the Fairbanks families who have already traveled TWICE to Besh Cup races. NSAA and GPRA will do their best to give you excellent races for Besh 5 & 6. Thank you.

January 24, 2020

The CCAK Competition Committee will meet Sunday night to determine the location of Besh Cups 5 & 6. Here is the report from Fairbanks:

According to NWS, the high temperatures in the hills next weekend will be in the -10F to -15F range, so things are not looking good for racing at Birch Hill. NSCF will continue to receive forecast updates through Saturday night, so can give the Committee the most up-to-date forecast when we meet Sunday night.

NSAA & GPRA are putting forth proposals for Besh 5 & 6 to be held at either (or both) locations. The weekend could be split between each location. An announcement will be made at approximately 9pm on Sunday, January 26.



January 22, 2020

Report from Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks:
During the week of January 13-20, when the low temperatures in town/at the airport were -30F to -40F, the race time temperatures at Birch Hill were regularly between +5F and -7F.  There was a very strong (25F to 30F+) inversion.  Currently the temperatures are warmer, but the inversion is weaker.  For sure, conditions will change in some direction between now and the weekend of February 1-2.

Temperatures at Birch Hill are normally warmer than in town due to inversion conditions.  There is no source we are aware of which provides an accurate forecast for inversions at Birch Hill. None of the well-known sources (NWS, Weather Underground, AccuWeather, Weather.com) forecast the temperatures in the hills around Fairbanks with any degree of specificity as to temperature gradient, location, elevation of the inversion layer, etc.  So, keep in mind that the temperatures you see in tv and radio weather reports (generally the airport temperature) normally bear little to no resemblance to the temperatures at Birch Hill.

NSCF is talking with the National Weather Service about the forecast for the coming 10 days. While the accuracy of the 10-day-out forecast in Fairbanks has improved somewhat over the past few years, it is still not as accurate as we would like.  Based upon the conversations with the National Weather Service, the CCAK Competition Committee, in consultation with NSCF personnel, will evaluate the need for consideration of postponement or relocation of Besh 5-6.  If it appears the Competition Committee needs to consider postponement or relocation, the Committee will meet for that purpose.

The CCAK Competition Committee is aware of, and before making any decisions regarding postponement or relocation will take into consideration, the February high school and club competition schedules from various clubs and high school regions around the state.  

The NSCF weather page is: https://www.nscfairbanks.org/weather/  The weather station is located on a pole in the stadium near the timing building.  It is an expensive piece of equipment that provides very reliable temperatures.  Please feel free to check temperatures as often as you like.


January 21, 2020

Great weekend of racing in Homer! Thanks to everyone for doing their part! Thank you to the Homer ski community for being great hosts.

CCAK is watching the weather for the Fairbanks races. The weather forecast is not reliable enough to make a call either way. NSCF is monitoring the trend of town temperature vs the temperature at Birch Hill. Recently the inversion has been 20-30 degrees.

Please plan to attend the Besh Bash at TRAX Outdoor Center! There will be a special screening of the movie Making Tracks - Alaska on Skis presented by Skiku. Click here for more information about the vent. Click here for a trailer of the movie. Thank you Skiku!

The JN points are updated and the team packet for JNs will be available this week; and hopefully the team packet for AWG will be available also. The approximate cost of the JN trip is $3,000. CCAK has not been informed of the cost of the AWG trip.

Two $2,000 Pia's Scholarship is available for JNs. Click here for the application and instructions to apply.

The ski cross has been removed from the Besh 5 race and has been replaced with a mass start (back to back mass start). One classic and one freestyle.

Reminder - ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSES Wednesday, January 29. If you intend to register for Besh 5 & 6, please register online. This is the only way you will be seeded based on your previous race results.

January 15, 2020

Information & Changes made at January 15 Competition Committee Meeting
Besh 3 - Freestyle Sprint Race - No Changes
Besh 4 - Classic Interval Start Race - Board voted to change the following based on distance change from Besh Race 2:
U18+M to 15K (from 10K)
U18+F to 10K (from 5K)

To confirm Besh 4:
U14/U16 M ski together (5K)

U14/U16 F ski together (5K)
U12 M&F (3K)

U08/U10 M&F (1K)


See Besh 3 & 4 Race Details

  • T-shirts are available at bib pickup

  • Free for U08/U10/U12 skiers & skiers who registered for all six races of series.

  • T-shirts are available for purchase - $20

  • Thank you to Alaska skier Becca Rorabaugh for designing this year's shirt!

Besh 5 - Due to Besh 2 format change to interval start, the board voted to change Besh Cup 5 to a mass start which will eliminate the ski cross for the U08 - U14 age group.
U08/U10 - 1K
U12/U14 - 3K
U16+F - 5K
U16M - 5K
U18+M - 10K

Besh 6 - No changes

January 13, 2020

Current information from Kachemak Nordic Ski Club - as the club Website is not updating as it should.

Trail Conditions Update (1/12/20) Lookout Mountain (Homer)
Current skiing conditions at Lookout Mountain are excellent. 

There is a consolidated base of 4-6 inches on all trails, with an additional 2-3 inches expected tonight (1/12/20). 

Temperatures have warmed today to a high of 25, but look to cool slightly through the week, with highs in the low teens,

and lows in the single digits by race weekend. 

Current temps, and the most accurate record of temperatures,

can be seen on the web cam accessed through the KNSC website (http://kachemaknordicskiclub.org/category/lookout/). 


Details of this weekend's race will be posted on the Besh 3 & 4 information page after the CCAK Competition Committee meeting that will be held at 8pm on Wednesday, January 15.

January 6, 2020

Congratulations to the skiers of Cross Country Alaska who qualified for Team Alaska which will compete at the US Junior National Championships in Truckee, California!  The Team Alaska JN Standings reflect these announcements.

Members of the World Junior

Championship Team

(also prequalify)

  • Kendall Kramer

  • Luke Jager

  • Zanden McMullen

  • Gus Schumacher








December 12, 2019

Email sent to registrants this afternoon:

After a day of email discussion among the host clubs, race officials, and members of the CCAK Competition Committee, the decision has been made to keep Besh Cup races 1 & 2 in Anchorage. We will be working to finalize all of the details, but in the effort to timely communicate, here is a brief overview:

  • Unless significant snow events happen, the racing will be on/connected to the snow making loop only (read as laps for Sunday race)

  • Saturday – sprint race, proposed classic if grooming conditions allow.

    • The Chief of Competition & race officials will look at course widths and depths as we get closer to get the safest and fairest competitions.

  • Sunday – interval start freestyle


Course maps will be available as soon as the Chief of Competition, grooming crew and officials come up with good courses. At the latest, the maps will be posted after our scheduled meeting Wednesday, December 18.


NSAA is looking for volunteers for the races. Please visit the sign up page here if you are interested in helping.

Please watch Facebook for updates. I will also work to update the Website, though it’s not always as timely for me to get to my computer to edit the Website. Social media posts are able to be posted from my phone.


Finally, the CCAK Competition Committee will discuss Besh 3-6 race formats. Based on the current conditions, we will lose the mass start option for Besh Cup 2. This being said, Homer (schedule location for Besh 3 & 4) is unable to host a mass start event. The Competition Committee will have a formal discussion on this topic. It’s unfortunate when we’re not able to follow the formats as scheduled, but we’re happy to be able to offer races to get solid competition.

December 11, 2019

Email sent to registrants this morning:

Hello CCAK Families,


We want to let you know that the CCAK Competition Committee is in discussion about trail conditions in Anchorage regarding Besh Cup races 1 & 2.


The reports from Homer, Tsalteshi, and Government Peak ski clubs are that their trails are not suitable to hold races. We are waiting for a report from Anchorage. A report from Fairbanks has not been submitted, but at this time their trails are skiable.


The CCAK Competition Committee will meet either the evening of Wednesday, December 11 or Thursday, December 12 to discuss options for Besh Cup races 1 & 2. The CCAK Competition Committee has a discussion protocol for determining if the race location will stay in Anchorage, be moved, or be postponed to the scheduled make-up date in February. In addition to having skiable trails, a club in consideration for hosting a relocated race also needs to consider available personnel to host a race.


Thanks for your patience as the Competition Committee works through the options.

Facebook post made this evening:

The members of the host clubs have been reporting to the CCAK Competition Committee about trail conditions around the state. Government Peak, Homer & Tsalteshi do not have race-worthy trails. Anchorage is making snow and should have snow for the snow making loop by Thursday. A report has not yet been given on the possibility of snow being available on trails besides the snow making loop, but NSAA is assessing. While the chance for snow precipitation isn't high in Anchorage, the temperatures are cooperating more than last week. Fairbanks trails are in fine shape. The 10-day forecast (for the airport) for race weekend shows temperatures below zero, though of course we can usually count on Birch Hill to not be as cold as at the airport. NSCF has limited indoor warming space availability on December 21 but that is not an insurmountable problem. The CCAK Competition Committee, made up of coaches, club organizers, and race officials will weigh all of the options and will announce a decision as soon as possible. Thank you all for your patience and please think cold, snowy, thoughts...

October 2019
Registration opens October 21 - click the Registration tab in the menu above.

Entry Fees: U16 and up - $35  | U14 - $20 | U08/U10/U12 - $7 | Race Day Entry Fees Increase by $10
Registration for each race weekend closes at midnight on the Wednesday prior to each weekend.
  • All racers in the U16 category and older who register for all six races by November 30, get one free race.

  • T-shirts for all racers who register for all six races and all youth racers in the U08/U10/U12 categories (regardless of number of races entered).

  • Remember, if you are 18 or turn 18 during the season, you need to complete SafeSport with US Ski & Snowboard for your license to be valid.

  • Race day registration is available only for participants who hold a current US Ski & Snowboard license. New this year is a requirement by US Ski & Snowboard for adult racers to complete SafeSport training and pass a background check. Therefore, adult skiers need to allow between one and two weeks prior to race weekend to meet the US Ski & Snowboard license requirements. US Ski & Snowboard no longer allows short-term memberships for adults. Cross Country Alaska wants you to be able to participate; so please plan accordingly to meet the US Ski & Snowboard license requirement.


2019-20 Race Schedule - Updated to reflect revised ASAA Championships Dates - Race schedule has been removed.

Please see announcement on January 15 for future race formats.


New SafeSport Training Requirement & New US Ski & Snowboard Fees

Beginning 2019-20 Ski Season all adult racers are required to complete SafeSport training as part of their US Ski & Snowboard license. This training is required of all coaches and officials of US Ski & Snowboard. The purpose of the training is to educate people about safe behavior, and to help us all be more aware of our environment. and how to help people who may be at risk. The training is to help provide a safe and positive culture and environment for athletes. It helps us all be more aware of those who may be engaged in unsafe behavior. Athletes 18 and older renewing their membership will be directed to the SafeSport training module. Athletes 17 at renewal time will need to complete the training before turning 18. Visit US Ski & Snowboard for details.

Click here for US Ski & Snowboard Membership Rates.

SafeSport Information for athletes who need to complete SafeSport training:

Athletes who are over 18 or turn 18 during the season will see the following pop-up when registering or renewing memberships:




Members of the U18 Nations

Cup Team (also known as Scando Team &

also prequalify)

  • Garviey Tobin

  • Michael Earnhart

  • Peter Hinds

  • Alexander Maurer

  • Maggie Druckenmiller

Pre-qualifiers Finishing in Top 20 at US National Championships

  • Everett Cason

  • Kai Meyers

Pre-qualifier for being named to World Junior Biathlon Team

  • Helen Wilson

Automatic Qualifiers Finishing places 21-30 at US National Championships

  • Ti Donaldson

  • Aubrey LeClair

  • Adrianna Proffitt

  • Garrett Butts

  • Ari Endestad