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April 2024

Alaska coaches have been meeting to review and update the Alaska Regional Elite Group (REG) criteria. On May 3, CCAK will post the criteria, announce the REG team and send email invitations to the skiers selected to attend the 2024 REG camp. The REG Camp is scheduled for July 15-20, 2024 in Anchorage and further details will be posted here.

In other news, welcome to Thomas O'Harra, the new CCAK Program Manager! Thomas has been a member of the ski community in Alaska for his entire life, and part of racing at all levels in the state since 2009. Say hi to him out on the trails!


January 31, 2024

The Cross Country Alaska Competition Committee will meet for the pre-race meeting at 8pm tonight to discuss conditions and temperature for Besh Cup races 5 & 6. These are standard tioucs for every pre-race meeting. Also the committee will discuss three requests for discretionary picks for Team Alaska.


The Junior Nationals Team Alaska packet is posted online. If you intend to decline your position if offered on either Junior Nationals or Arctic Winter Games, please contact CCAK by Thursday, February 1. If you have purchased your own ticket for Junior Nationals, please also contact CCAK by Thursday, February 1. The Arctic Winter Games packet will be posted by Thursday, February 1.

Athletes whose names are in blue or yellow, on the Team Alaska points list, please complete this survey regarding Team Alaska intentions (JN or AWG or either) and JN airfare. This is the survey referred to in the email sent on January 25 from Cross Country Alaska.

January 28, 2024

The Cross Country Alaska Competition Committee met and voted to relocate Besh 5 & 6 to Government Peak Recreation Area on February 3 & 4.

A thoughtful discussion was held and it was decided that it was in the best interest to hold the races at a venue with the best chance of holding both races.

The Competition Committee will meet again on Wednesday, January 31 for its regular pre-race meeting. Maps will be published by Tuesday, January 30. Registration closes Wednesday January 31 at midnight.

January 23, 2024

If by Friday, January 26, the 10-day forecast does not show a significant potential temperature increase for Birch Hill for the race weekend, the Competition Committee will meet at 8pm on Sunday, January 28 to discuss options. In the meantime, Cross Country Alaska is surveying the availability of the backup venues (GPRA – Host Club Mat-Su Ski Club & Kincaid – Host Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage.) Relocation is dependent upon their availability to host, gather volunteers, etc. in addition to assessing trail conditions and weather in their communities. Postponement to another date is possible, though the options are limited due to scheduled high school regional championships. Please stay tuned and know that the CCAK Competition Committee – comprised of coaches and host club representatives will discuss and vote on the options put forth. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Athletes whose names are in blue or yellow, on the Team Alaska points list, please complete this survey regarding Team Alaska intentions (JN or AWG or either) and JN airfare. This is the survey referred to in the email sent on January 25 from Cross Country Alaska.

January 18, 2024

The weekend of January 20 & 21 Kachemak Nordic Ski Club will host ConocoPhillips Alaska Besh Cup races 3 & 4.


Course maps, weekend timelines, and venue information are posted here. 


Final details are posted here.

VERY IMPORTANT! - Please click here for the current update (on January 18) regarding:

  • Arctic Winter Games Team Size Change

    • changed to team size of 18 (3 male / 3 female per age group)

  • Junior Nationals

    • Junior Nationals Prequalifiers and Autoqualifiers

  • Arctic Winter Games

  • Junior Nationals vs Arctic Winter Games Choice

  • Pia Denkewalter Memorial Scholarship

  • Anchorage Tuesday Night Ski Race - January 23

December 5, 2023

Click Here to Visit Team Criteria Update


All participants of ConocoPhillips Alaska Besh Cup races are required to have a valid US Ski & Snowboard license. For US Ski & Snowboard license frequently asked questions, visit here.


Skiers who turn 18 before June 30, 2024: US Ski & Snowboard requires you to complete SafeSport training and register for a background check. US Ski & Snowboard will communicate the steps for the background check process around the time you turn 18. Therefore, you should make sure to watch your email for instructions from US Ski & Snowboard. If you have specific questions regarding your US Ski & Snowboard license, please contact them directly either by email at or by phone at (435) 647-2666 (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm MT). Skiers who are 18 and older before Besh 1: do not delay in meeting the license requirements. The requirements cannot simply be completed the night before the race. Allow 10 days to 2 weeks for background check to be completed and training requirements to be recorded in the US Ski & Snowboard system.

Click here for the 2024 ConocoPhillips Alaska Besh Cup Racing Schedule

Click here for 2024 JN Travel Update - November 28, 2023

Group Travel is NOW an option!

The travel itinerary with Alaska Airlines as of November 28, 2023 is listed below.

CCAK has updated the flights from what was originally advertised.


The Albany itinerary is no longer a viable option. American Airlines canceled flight 5957 leaving only an option of a 9:43pm arrival into Albany on March 7. This does not make for that much of shorter travel day and the flight arrival do not dovetail with the scheduled times of the vans from Boston passing by Albany. Cross Country Alaska is unable to split a ticket for a coach to go one direction on the group travel and the other on an individual ticket. Unfortunately, this alternate plan does not work for the team.




















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