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Pia-Margrethe Denkewalter was a young Alaskan outdoor enthusiast and student. Pia enjoyed Nordic skiing, running, rock climbing and mountaineering, soccer, as well as travel, academia, reading and more. This award is to financially support an Alaskan cross-country skier who has qualified for the Alaskan Junior National Nordic Ski Team. The award amounts will either be two $2,000 awards or four $1,000 awards. <fixed previous typo!>

This award is not from Cross Country Alaska, but from the family of Pia-Margrethe. The award committee will notify recipients of the awards in early March.

Application Requirements

  • Skier will be an Alaska resident, living in the state, attending an Alaska high school or enrolled in home-schooling in Alaska.
  • Skier will have a GPA of 2.75 or better

  • Complete online application. 

  • Submit a letter introducing yourself including your scholastic and civic involvement. Specific details, especially financial, may be included. One page maximum.

  • The Committee will consider the financial need of the athlete to attend. If parents are planning to attend, the athlete would be ineligible to apply for the scholarship.

  • Submit a character recommendation letter from a teacher, coach, employer, administrator or member of the community who can speak to who you are. One page maximum.

  • All pieces of your application (online form and letters) must must be received by February 25, 2024. Submit the letters by email to


Award winners will be announced in early March.


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