2019 ConocoPhillips Besh Cup Races 5 & 6

Besh Cup 6 Information

Sunday Start List

  • Bib Pickup Begins at 9:30am
  • Registration is 9:00-10:00
  • Tshirts for sale – $20

If you have registered for the race series and haven’t picked up your T-shirt they will be available at bib pickup.

Course Maps

Spectator Information

NSCF requests please no spectators on skis.  NSCF has experienced spectators on skis getting in the way of racers during the competition, creating dangerous interactions with other spectators who are on foot, and simply going wherever they please, regardless of fencing and signs. Birch Hill courses are designed such that skiers are rarely out of sight for more than a couple of minutes, so you can see a very high percent of the race without having to stray from the stadium and ramp.

What is the plan for the weekend?

  • Each morning the jury will communicate to coaches & race organizers beginning at 8am.
  • Skier families who want to be part of the What’s App communication process (use this link from within the app) will be notified of the above communication.
  • Depending upon the temperatures and the trends, the jury will continue to communicate at 30 to 60 minute intervals throughout the day until a race/no race decision has been made.
  • The jury will attempt to give at least 2.5-3 hours advance warning if the members of the jury think there is going to be a weather window that will allow competition.

Start Time & Bib Pickup

  • Start time each day is scheduled for 11am.
  • Bib pickup will begin 90 minutes before the called start of the races. (i.e. if races are delayed until 1pm, bib pickup begins at 11:30am.
  • Bibs will not be distributed until the races are called as a “go.” We want to minimize the chance of having to re-collect bibs.

Besh Cup 5 Information

The full schedule will be added, but please note: U08/U10/U12 skiers will ski in a Preliminary heats as shown by the start times on the start list. They will then ski final heats as follows:

  • U08/U10M&F – 12:30
  • U12M – 12:35
  • U12F – 12:40
  • Awards Ceremonies – 10 minutes after completion of U12 girls race

Heats for U14 and older skiers begin at 13:30 beginning with U16+M. Please view the Heat Schedule for the afternoon order of events.

Saturday & Sunday Race Maps All maps updated at 6pm Friday, February 1.

Saturday Format (Classic Sprint)

  • Plan A is to run qualifier and heats as scheduled.
  • If it is too cold to begin at 11am, the Competition Jury will decide upon a start time (or decide at some point that we will be unable to start the race.)
  • If it is possible to run the qualifier and conduct some heats, the U18+ heats will be the first priority, then U16 bonus, then U14. The U08/U10/U12 sprints will take place after the qualifiers, pending any change due to weather.
  • The heat format will match that of Besh 3: U16+ will race in qualifying race. Top 30 advance. Top 12 skiers in the U16 age group who do not advance will advance to a semi-final and then a final. U14 will race in qualifying race and top 12 skiers advance to A Final ((qualifying places 1-6) and B Final ((qualifying places 7-12).

Sunday Format (Freestyle Mass Start)


  • U18+ each race 10K – the course will either be two 5K course loops or one 10K course
  • U16 each race 5K
  • U14 each race 3K
  • U08/U10/U12 each race 1K

The order of races will depend on the 10K courses are 5K course loops or a 10K course; and will either begin as follows:

  • U16M (if the 5K course is used) followed by U16F, U18+M, U18+F, U12-U14M, U12-U14F, U08/U10/U12 or
  • U18+M (if the 10K course is used) followed by U18+F, U16M, U16F, U12-U14M, U12-U14F, U08/U10/U12

Online registration ends at midnight on January 30

  • U08/U10/U12 $7
  • U14  $20
  • U16+ $35

Race day registration is 8-9am each race day. Includes $10 late registration fee to above prices. All race day registrants must have a USSS license (either a General or Competition).

What’s the Temperature at Birch Hill?

For a location-specific National Weather Service forecast that is probably closer to what is going to happen at Birch Hill, follow these instructions:

Go to National Weather Service forecast page for Middle Tanana Valley:


Scroll down the page until you see a map on the right side of the page.

Zoom in until you can see the intersection of the Steese Highway and Chena Hot Springs Road.  Click on that intersection.  That should take you to this point forecast area:

3 Miles NE Hamilton Acres AK – 64.88°N 147.62°W (This information should be visible immediately below the map after you have clicked)

The heading over the “Extended Forecast For” section of the web page will change to “3 Miles NE Hamilton Acres AK”.

That forecast is somewhat different (and more optimistic) than the forecast for the Airport and downtown.  The elevation for that point forecast is 732’ above sea level, which is 200’ in elevation below the Birch Hill ski stadium.  It looks like there will be a bit more of an inversion than was originally forecast, so that 200’ is important.

What if the races are delayed? How do we know when to arrive?

  • The coaches have been invited to be in a Coaches Update Group in What’s App and will receive race jury notifications regarding the race from the club race director.
  • For families: Please create a What’s App profile and use this link to be added to 2019 Besh Updates.
    • If you’re unsure about how this works, ask your skier!
  • When the race jury provides updates, notices will be sent via What’sApp.

Dress for Success!

This really goes without saying, but we would like to remind everyone that all skiers need to have proper face, ears, neck and head covering for races & warming up.

Thanks to the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks, there will be food served each race day.








Friday Night Besh Bash at TRAX Outdoor Center

Visit TRAX Outdoor Center on Friday night for the Besh Bash. TRAX will be showing the gold medal relay starring CCAK skiers Luke Jager & Gus Schumacher.