Frequently Asked Questions About US Ski & Snowboard Licenses

Important information for all skiers trying out for Junior Nationals (JN) and Arctic Winter Games (AWG).

US Ski & Snowboard requires annual membership license for every skier who skis in US Ski & Snowboard sanctioned races (Besh Cups).

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What is the rule regarding US Ski & Snowboard licenses for Junior Nationals and Arctic Winter Games hopefuls?

Only skiers who have their USSA license numbers on file with Cross Country Alaska PRIOR to a race will earn points in that race. It is possible that a skier will ski fast enough to make the team, but will not score points because he/she didn’t have a license at the time of the race. That is why we are mounting an educational effort to make sure everyone knows the rule beforehand. We want all of our fastest skiers on Team Alaska.

Do U14 skiers need a US Ski & Snowboard license to tryout for Arctic Winter Games?

All skiers in this age group at a minimum need the $15 annual general membership license. It is beneficial for U14 skiers to have a Competitive license as they usually have two opportunities in a season to race with U16 skiers. When this occurs, the U14 skiers also are scored within the US Ski & Snowboard points system; gaining them better seed positions in Besh Cup races.

I am a U16 (or U18)  only trying to qualify for Arctic Winter Games, not Junior Nationals. Why do I need a US Ski & Snowboard license?

The Arctic Winter Games and Junior Nationals use the same qualifying procedure and the same points list. In order to be on that list, you need a US Ski & Snowboard license.

Visit for more information and to apply for your US Ski & Snowboard Competitor License

I want to ski in Conoco Phillips Besh Cup races, but I am not trying out for Arctic Winter Games nor Junior Nationals. Do I need a US Ski & Snowboard license?

Yes. US Ski & Snowboard offers a $15 annual general license.

However, we strongly suggest that top (likely to finish in the top ten) Senior and Master skiers who race Besh Cups get a full USSA license (our fast skiers are penalized in their national ranking if other top racers do not have a US Ski & Snowboard license).

I signed up for my US Ski & Snowboard license, what else do I have to do?

A US Ski & Snowboard number is required to complete online race registration.

I have a US Ski & Snowboard number from last year, does that mean I have a USSA license?

Only if you have renewed your license for this season. All US Ski & Snowboard licenses expire on June 30 every year, so you must renew to keep your US Ski & Snowboard number valid.

I purchased a US Ski & Snowboard license just prior to Junior Nationals last year. Is it still good?

No. All US Ski & Snowboard licenses expire on June 30 every year, so you must renew to keep your license valid. CCAK suggests you get your license before October 1. If you wait too long, your results from last year may not be reflected on the US Ski & Snowboard points lists that are used for Besh race seeding.

 I have a General license and would like to upgrade to a Competitive license. What do I do?

Athletes may contact US Ski & Snowboard directly at 435-647-2666 to upgrade from a General to Competitive license.