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  [Other] - 12:00 PM, Fri Jul 29, 2016

I'd also noticed the crews clearing vegetation off of Spencer's last Sunday. However, I just "assumed" it had been reviewed and approved.
So, Joe Kurtak and Ben Arians, thank you for taking the initiative to: a) find out more about this project, b) call the Muni to bring it to their attention, and c) post your findings on this forum.

Report by HC.


  [Other] - 1:00 PM, Wed Jul 27, 2016

I too encountered the disk golf expansion being perpetrated by Hilltop Ski Area through the Spencer Loop. On Joe Kurtak's advice, I called the Muni and left a message. They got back to me very quickly and assured me that the work was not approved and had been halted by the Muni. Otherwise, trails are in good shape, looks like some recent mowing done, which was nice.

Report by Ben Arians.

Government Peak Recreation Area

  [Other] - 8:00 AM, Wed Jul 27, 2016

The lighting contractor is finishing up with the installation of the ski trail lighting on all loops. The three high school cross country running teams and other volunteers will be clearing rocks and roots and filling ruts starting Friday 29 July at 4 PM and continuing next week. The contractor will be re-seeding the entire trail system ASAP. Grab your gloves, rake or shovel and lend a hand. Any time on any loop. Thanks.

Report by Ed Strabel.


  [Other] - 10:00 PM, Tue Jul 26, 2016

Was running on the Hillside Spencer Loop this past Sunday and encountered a crew from the Hilltop Ski area clearing vegetation for a disk golf course expansion into that area. They apparently have started this work without approval of the Parks and Rec. Dept. no notice to the Nordic Ski Club, and no public input. If you're concerned about intrusions into one of our Hillside trail gems, go check it out. If you don't want it to continue without public input, contact Brad Muir at the Municipality of Anchorage (343-4287).

Report by Joe Kurtak.