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Tour of Anchorage Trail

  [Other] - 4:00 PM, Sun Feb 19, 2017

Ref. Holly. I live in Chugiak and love the Tour of Anch. trail. I've tried for years to figure out when the grooming takes place. Even when I see the grooming report, by the time I get there, it's somewhat trashed. I believe, from the reports, several people have prior information. It would be nice if NSAA would say they will be grooming the best trail in Anch. the day before so we could all enjoy fresh a groom. Just saying.

Report by skier.

Alaska Pacific University

  [Other] - 4:00 PM, Sun Feb 19, 2017

Classic was great, but not fast. It was not recently set.

Report by Becky .

Tour of Anchorage Trail

  [Other] - 3:00 PM, Sun Feb 19, 2017

Can someone point me to a grooming schedule, if there is one? LOVED btw Service & Tudor today but it was like skiing on the beach except colder. Hoping someplace may be groomed by tomorrow.

Report by Holly.

Tour of Anchorage Trail

  [Other] - 3:00 PM, Sun Feb 19, 2017

Holly... the BLM runs snowmachine groom at times on trails in this area including the Tour Trail but I have not heard of any schedule. The major grooms are done by the Hillside crew of the NSAA club when they take their equipment down the trail and sometimes continue on to the APU Trail. There is no set schedule that I have seen as this run in worked in as time permits. You can check in advance at their trails link at http://www.anchoragenordicski.com/trails/

Report by Larry.

Tour of Anchorage Trail

  [Other] - 3:00 PM, Sun Feb 19, 2017

In regards to Holly's post re. TOA grooming. I don't know if there is a "schedule" for grooming but you use can use this link for what has recently been groomed. http://www.anchoragenordicski.com/trails/

Report by Greg V.

Government Peak Recreation Area

  [Other] - 11:00 PM, Sat Feb 18, 2017

MSSC re-groomed all loops including the Mtn Streams loop and access trail for classic and skating.

Report by Ed Strabel.

Bartlett High School

  [Other] - 5:00 PM, Sat Feb 18, 2017

Bartlett High Trails were groomed about a week or two ago, maybe. The fresh snow on top was dry and skatable. Temp was 33-34 and partly cloudy.

Report by Ben.

Goose Lake

  [Other] - 5:00 PM, Sat Feb 18, 2017

Russian Jack and upper Chester Creek trail were freshly groomed about a mile wide today. I skate skied/skijored RJSP to Goose Lake and around to the back (north) side of UAA campus.
At Goose Lake Park, there's a groomed skate ski trail around the ball field, and another short loop across the beach, around the playground, and through some trees back to the parking lot. A small ice skating area was plowed on the lake.
The paved trail from Goose Lake to UAA parking garage was not recently groomed, but well packed about two feet wide by fatbikes. From the parking garage to UAA drive, the path looked regularly plowed (despite signs calling it a winter ski route), but the half-inch of dense fresh snow was enough to ski on.

Report by Heidi.

Bartlett High School

  [Other] - 5:00 PM, Sat Feb 18, 2017

Bartlett was groomed Friday morning. Definitely

Report by Bill.


  [Other] - 4:00 PM, Sat Feb 18, 2017

Great classic trail warm perfect skiing weather. Could use a fresh groom.

Report by Ella.

Portage Lake

  [Other] - 3:00 PM, Sat Feb 18, 2017

Punchy, especially halfway out, 6-12" of slush with a layer of crunchy snow atop. Skis or snowshoes highly recommended, not bikable. Beautiful views.

Report by EB.


  [Other] - 2:00 PM, Sat Feb 18, 2017

Skated the lighted loops. Warm~27F. Snow is the best of the year so far. Groomed for skate/classic.

Report by devo.

Government Peak Recreation Area

  [Other] - 8:00 AM, Sat Feb 18, 2017

4-7 inches of fresh powder! MSSC packed and groomed all loops. Pioneer loop for classic and skating. Mat-Su loops for skating. (Region 3 H.S. Championships freestyle races start at 11 AM.) Get outside today.

Report by Ed Strabel.

Moose Range

  [Other] - 6:00 PM, Fri Feb 17, 2017

Fresh groomed single track for skating. Soft edges as previously reported.

Report by Norm.

Campbell Creek Trail

  [Other] - 3:00 PM, Fri Feb 17, 2017

Muni groomed from Taku Lake eastward. There was no track on their outbound. Maybe on their way back? Fat bikes sinking about an inch. Several well behaved moose.

Report by GregV.

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

  [Other] - 11:00 AM, Fri Feb 17, 2017

Awesome conditions and grooming on the coastal trail. Skated from the terminus on 2nd downtown. Long lunch / leave work early good.

Report by michael st. claire.

Kincaid Park

  [Other] - 10:00 PM, Thu Feb 16, 2017

KINCAID WILL NOT BE DENIED! The park is seemingly determined to stay amazing this winter, the trails survived the warm spell. Snow was groomed and hardening, at much as snow will harden at 29F. Warmer soft spots down on the Sisson; the Mize was fast.

Report by wayne.

Chester Creek Trail

  [Other] - 4:00 PM, Thu Feb 16, 2017

MOA groom late morning and early afternoon did include classic tracks. A center trail is pretty well packed by foot and bike traffic while the edges still have some cord showing. Coastal trail does not appear to have a recent groom but was well packed by multi-users. Mellow cow and calf at Inlet end of Westchester Lagoon.

Report by Larry Rundquist.

Government Peak Recreation Area

  [Other] - 1:00 PM, Thu Feb 16, 2017

Mountain Streams loop and access trail re-groomed for classic and skating.

Report by Ed Strabel.

Chester Creek Trail

  [Other] - 12:00 PM, Thu Feb 16, 2017

Just looked at upper Chester and the MOA has groomed this morning. There is no classic track as of noon, but they are perhaps on their outbound down the trail and may set track on the way back. Pretty firm pack for walking and fat tire biking... a fat tire bike track was pretty shallow. Very few tracks and thus likely to be late morning groom.

Report by Larry Rundquist.