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Kincaid Park

  [Other] - 8:00 PM, Sat Dec 10, 2016

Classic skied the Mize Loop. 5 degrees and calm. Snow is well packed but a bit slick in spots. Good coverage except under one spruce grove about two thirds of the way into the loop. Easy to go around the bare spot as there was still snow on the left side of the trail. As others have mentioned, not enough snow for set tracks yet. But still, good to get outside on real snow this winter.

Report by Dan J. .


  [Other] - 4:00 PM, Sat Dec 10, 2016

Did Spencer Loop on classic skis. Sun setting ~6F. Had it to mostly to myself. Thin cover, hardpack with ~1cm of fluff from the light snow a couple days ago. No tracks set of course, too thin. Little debris. Some plants poking thru in places and divots down the center of much of the trail from a runner. Still nice though.

Report by devo.

Mirror Lake Coyote Trails

  [Other] - 2:00 PM, Sat Dec 10, 2016

Coyote ski trails behind Mirror Lake Middle School have about 2" of settled snow on top of an icy base. Looks like they were packed before the last snow fall. Complete coverage, but soft enough that I would recommend rock skis. A quick fun ski for folks looking for something new! Trails start behind tennis courts.

Report by Will Taygan.

Archangel Road

  [Other] - 12:00 PM, Sat Dec 10, 2016

Excellent skate skiing at Archangel! Grooming was phenomenal and the snow was in great shape. Absolutely worth the drive from Anchorage!

Report by Eric Zoesch.

Hatcher Pass

  [Other] - 8:00 AM, Sat Dec 10, 2016

State Parks had to do a narrow plow job on the road to haul the repaired generator up to the visitor center. MSSC re-groomed all loops and plowed the snow partially back onto the road focusing primarily on the skier crossing sites. Excellent conditions,although thin snow at the crossing sites.
MSSC re-groomed Archangel Rd. Wind may be a factor at both locations.

Report by Ed Strabel.

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

  [Other] - 8:00 PM, Fri Dec 09, 2016

You can get a decent workout here plus experience exhilarating wind. I classic skied from Lyn Ary up to the top of Woronzof in the rut of the big tire riders- fun. **Also saw the new bridge being transported over to fish creek. See you out there.

Report by pete eberhardt.


  [Other] - 2:00 PM, Fri Dec 09, 2016

Did Spencer Loop on classic skis. Sunny, ~15F. Had it to myself. ~1cm of new snow over hardpack. No tracks set of course, too thin. Little debris. Some plants poking thru in places, but all in all very good.

Report by devo.

Kincaid Park

  [Other] - 1:00 PM, Fri Dec 09, 2016

Lekisch is pretty good for skating and very enjoyable. One bad spot, just after the 5 and 7.5 k split from the shorter loops, but this is just a short stretch. Elsewhere, thin cover, but thanks to the great summer work I did not see nor hit any rock. Nobody. The nightmare of the stadium with hundreds of people was quickly forgotten.
Unfortunately, several tracks of steps.

Report by JPR.

Hatcher Pass

  [Other] - 7:00 AM, Fri Dec 09, 2016

Mat-Su Ski Club will re-groom the Independence Mine Trails and Archangel Rd Friday evening for both classic and skating.

Report by Ed Strabel.

Kincaid Park

  [Other] - 5:00 PM, Thu Dec 08, 2016

Skied the Mize under the lights. Thin but workable snow coverage with some avoidable bare spots and debris, more in the second half. Lights out from just past Pia's Overlook to Sven's Turn.

Report by Alison.

Beach Lake Trails - Chugiak

  [Other] - 5:00 PM, Thu Dec 08, 2016

Great snow coverage and conditions. Groomed for skating, no tracks.

Report by Missy .

Chester Creek Trail

  [Other] - 1:00 PM, Thu Dec 08, 2016

Skied APU-Chester Creek Trail-Campbell Creek Bridge on Tour Trail. WARNING: TUDOR BRIDGE TO TUDOR CENTER DRIVE PARTIALLY PLOWED. Down to pavement on the south side of the bridge, mostly ice from police driveway to Tudor Center Drive. First person I got at Municipal Parks and Rec had no idea what I was talking about so I'm waiting for someone else to call back. Tour trail rock skiable; watch for sharp gravel in snow at the junction with Campbell Creek trail.

Report by Robin.

Kincaid Park

  [Other] - 10:00 AM, Thu Dec 08, 2016

Hello, Somewhere in Anchorage I had a set of Rossignol BC 70 positrack 179 skis in forest green color stolen from my rocket box. They have 3 pin bindings. I would very much like to get them back. If you happen to see them please let me know. 907-317-8922 thank you.

Report by Kevin Pike.

Eagle River High School

  [Other] - 6:00 PM, Wed Dec 07, 2016

High school track and surrounding loop in good condition! There was a lot of foot traffic on the trails, but the snow is still light & fluffy enough that it doesn't trip you up. Skating is good, and there are also two lanes of classic tracks around the track.

Report by Marliese von Huene.


  [Other] - 5:00 PM, Wed Dec 07, 2016

Had time to squeeze in a tiny little ski/recon mission. Could only do the Junior loop but there was complete snow cover and great trail conditions!!! For all my fellow novices, get out and have some fun, even if its short and sweet. :)

Report by Sarah Badten.

Russian Jack

  [Other] - 3:00 PM, Wed Dec 07, 2016

Skijored from APU Bypass, over NL overpass and around Russian Jack loop. Not to bad. A bit thin in places, but skate skiable with rock skis.

Also, Goose Lake NL overpass to Tudor overpass along APU bypass is good. Getting better everyday from walkers and bikers packing the trail.

Report by Chester.

Hatcher Pass

  [Other] - 1:00 PM, Wed Dec 07, 2016

Independence Mine area trails. 18 degrees, no wind,1" fresh powder, good tracks and skate lane.
Archangel Rd. 16 degrees,no wind one half inch fresh powder, outbound tracks a bit chewed up, skate lane excellent.

Report by Ed Strabel.

Middle Fork Loop Trail

  [Other] - 3:00 PM, Tue Dec 06, 2016

Rode middle fork today, great riding conditions some bumps but too lazy to let some air out of my tires.

Found a revelate bag on side of trail, identify number of gloves and other item in bag to claim.

Also when hiking flattop found a Nikon camera battery.

This winter is awesome!

Report by Bill.

Kincaid Park

  [Other] - 8:00 PM, Mon Dec 05, 2016

I skied under the lights on Margaux's and Jodhpur. Lights are out on the short ~1km section of trail between the lower tunnel and the bridge, so Little Niagra has to be skied in the dark unless you have a headlamp. There's lots of snow and it's been packed so it's firm and marvelous and you shouldn't see any rocks or dirt anywhere. It's great for skating, and you can probably use your best skis. There are no classic tracks set anywhere except the snowmaking loop but that's probably because they're still working hard with the snow guns to fortify and expand the snowmaking loop which probably uses all their manpower. There's plenty of snow so I assume the tracks will probably go in when they can get to it.

Report by Adam Verrier.

Chester Creek Trail

  [Other] - 8:00 AM, Mon Dec 05, 2016

Attempted to skate ski from Tikishla Park to Westchester Lagoon. There's one packed track from biking, but the rest of the trail width is choppy and unpacked. Tunnels have no snow. Tough skate skiing right now, but possible.

Report by Olga.