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Kincaid Park

  [Other] - 5:00 PM, Tue Feb 09, 2016

For Spencer skiers, the groomers have a surprise for you, great skiing in Kinkaid outside the snow making loops! Jodpuh, Marq, lekish, and even sections of the dark trails were very fun. For skiers preferring soft deep groomed trails, sorry, but the miracle of our grooming team strikes again for the gnarly crowd.

Report by Mrp.


  [Other] - 4:00 PM, Tue Feb 09, 2016

Hillside Lighted loops looked freshly groomed and in good condition as I crossed over. Multi-use around Bicentennial Park in pretty good shape overall for biking or running. The surface has been chewed up from studded tires pretty evenly making for good traction. The multi-use from Service to Hilltop has been groomed. It made a huge improvement over what it has been like the last couple weeks. It would be skiable with reasonable care taken in some isolated locations and definitely much safer for other trail users. Thanks to the groomers for hitting that section and I look forward to it being part of the regular grooming schedule as the season moves forward. Rover's and Moose Meadow have plenty of ice, but is getting better with more use as the surface gets scraped by studs.

Report by Jason Lamoreaux.

Archangel Road

  [Other] - 9:00 AM, Tue Feb 09, 2016

Groomed and set tracks on the on the non-motorized section of trail. The tracks going out will be very good, the tracks coming back will likely be punchy for your ski poles. The Skating will be excellent.
Last week I left a dog poop shovel at the trail head and now it is gone?

Report by Jeff Kase.


  [Other] - 6:00 AM, Tue Feb 09, 2016

Wanted to satiate my curiosity so skied laps on Spencer. All in all it is amazing given what it's been through, still very skiable. pole plants are tricky, but hey I think we're all getting used to that. It was better by headlamp, once the light came up I realized how bad it actually is. The good - You can easily set your PR time on Spencer, it's as fast as it's ever been, you can pull g's on the downhills. The bad - I think the biking now is more fun, so until it snows I'm sticking to that...

Report by Eric.


  [Other] - 5:00 PM, Mon Feb 08, 2016

while i really value the reports and the actual reporting of folks, I do not like the opinions about "grooming" and their negative impact on groups. Please value what folks can do with what there is and consider the condition of the trails impacted from a trail maintenance on a yearly basis. It is what it is!

Report by Steve B.


  [Other] - 3:00 PM, Mon Feb 08, 2016

For more info. on Anchorage trails, check the NSAA Trail Report http://nsaatrailgrooming.blogspot.com/
From this weekend:
Hillside: Craig was out early this morning on the snow machine and scratched up all the Lighted Loops and the Spencer.

**Craig also took the snow cat out last night and ground the Multi-Use trail from the Hillside parking lot to Service High School. He did the best he could, however this trail is very difficult to "groom" in low snow conditions. NSAA did not build nor do we maintain this trail in the summer, therefore the trail itself is not "shaped" very well to accept winter grooming in low snow conditions. Watch for icy patches.

We greatly value the support of this wonderful outdoor-loving community! :)

Report by Tamra Kornfield.

Government Peak Recreation Area

  [Other] - 3:00 PM, Mon Feb 08, 2016

Temperature projected to hover around 32 degrees or warmer during the day throughout the week. MSSC will not be doing any grooming there. We will focus on grooming Archangel Rd (to be re-groomed tonight). Please ski there or at Independence Mine. See Mark's posting at noon Monday.

Report by Ed Strabel.

Independence Mine

  [Other] - 12:00 PM, Mon Feb 08, 2016

Real nice, 1/2 in of snow over last weeks grooming. Skated around the mine and east side lots of sunshine, had the whole place to myself.

Report by Mark.


  [Other] - 4:00 PM, Sun Feb 07, 2016

Spencer loop and lighted loops still (!) reasonable, especially above Conversation Corner. Skiable below but more skittery. Chicken Run climb is better than the descent, but you can Gasline if you disagree. That I was able to ski at all, let alone happily for as long as I did, is amazing given less than an inch of total water since December 1. I am pretty sure the folks at NSAA earned every penny I sent 'em, and if I pick up the phone, it will be to tell them that I will send more if it will help.

Report by Jeremy Littell.

Independence Mine

  [Other] - 4:00 PM, Sun Feb 07, 2016

Most excellent skate skiing on all Independence Mine Trails. Classic tracks have been filled in my breeze-blown snow. The sun reaches into the entire bowl now, so Vitamin D is a side benefit to bailing out of work and taking half an "attitude adjustment day."

Report by Skijoring Ladybugs.


  [Other] - 3:00 PM, Sun Feb 07, 2016

All Hillside skate trails eminently skiable. Spencer downhills weren't even all that death-defying. I hear the multiuse trails were the best, though.

Report by Gavin Kentch.

Government Peak Recreation Area

  [Other] - 11:00 PM, Sat Feb 06, 2016

All loops re-groomed for classic and skating. Classic tracks thin in several spots. Mat-Su Ski for Women tomorrow. Registration at 1130 AM, race/tour (distance your choice up to 5 KM) at 1 PM, Pot Luck at 2PM. The gala social event of the season!

Report by Ed Strabel.


  [Other] - 11:00 AM, Sat Feb 06, 2016

Hillside ski-only trails groomed and in decent condition. Some areas getting scraped down with more use, especially spots on some of the uphills, but not bad overall. Spencer in better shape, probably due to less use so far.

As usual, NSAA groomers ignore all multi-use trails. For some reason, they can't even be bothered to scratch up any of the connector trails to make it safer for those on foot. It would go a long way toward keeping the multi-use users off of the ski-only trails. If you would like to see some attention to the multi-use trails by the NSAA who has the responsibility to take care of them, I encourage people to contact NSAA and tell them what you want. They come up with lots of excuses, none of which actually make sense when you think about it. They need to know what we want them to do with your donated money. The email address is director@anchoragenordicski.com and the phone number is 907-276-7609.

Report by Jason Lamoreaux.

Eklutna Lake

  [Other] - 10:00 AM, Sat Feb 06, 2016

Super fun skate skiing on Eklutna. Like others have said, its loud but fast. Lesson learned - if you bring your canine friends, make them wear booties. The hoar frost is like shards of glass on their paws.

Report by Nate.

Resurrection Pass

  [Other] - 12:00 AM, Sat Feb 06, 2016

We traveled to Resurrection Pass and back from the Hope side over the last four days, which included a surprise snowfall that left more than a foot in the high country.
Hope trailhead to about a mile beyond Caribou cabin is mostly ice where microspikes worked best, though one could ski the last mile or so to the cabin. Beyond Caribou, one needs skis as the snow is soft and steadily builds in depth to the pass. There is much more snow than last year with 2-3 feet on the ground.
Fat biking would be doable to Caribou though most would want studs.
We didn't see anyone else on the trail, so no report from the south side.

Report by John.


  [Other] - 5:00 PM, Fri Feb 05, 2016

Surprise, Surprise! I walked the Hillside ski trails expecting lousy skiing and ice. Instead, it looks like the groomer has been over the trails and the skiing looked quite nice. Hard pack underneath a thin layer of ground up ice balls. The edging looked good over most of the trail with an occasional icy spot. A skier coming down the trail said he skied Spencer and it was good except for a few rocks. A few inches of new snow and it will almost seem like winter again. Yippee!

Report by Mike Jens.

Glen Alps

  [Other] - 3:00 PM, Fri Feb 05, 2016

Helloooo winter! Ventured out on the Powerline on waxless, nice to change it up and get a wee bit of fresh snow. Hardpacked/icy at first but gets better as you go. Classic is likely more fun than skate. Fun to play on the drifts, just starting to snow as I left.

Report by Tamra Kornfield.

Homer - Lookout Mountain

  [Other] - 12:00 PM, Fri Feb 05, 2016

14 in base,new snow 6in. still snowing.entire park groomed this morning.sunday is Ski for Women everyone invited

Report by john miles.

Eklutna Lake

  [Other] - 10:00 AM, Fri Feb 05, 2016

Decent crust skiing on the lake - pretty consistent and LOUD. The frost from earlier posts is frozen hard and was somewhat like skiing on crushed ice. Don't think ice skating will work. Tried my bike too and that seemed slow.

Report by Steve Cleary.

Sheep Mountain Lodge

  [Other] - 10:00 AM, Fri Feb 05, 2016

13 km of ski trails groomed Friday morning after about an inch more snow this week. Track set on a 7km loop from the lodge.

Report by Ryan C.