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Archangel Road

  [Other] - 11:00 PM, Wed Mar 21, 2018

The MSSC groomed to the motorized trail. Conditions are ok. The deep snow and moderate grooming will make for some challenging but scenic skiing. The dogs will like it. There is a foot of powder up there. Temps are cool.

Report by Jeff Kase.

Beach Lake Trails - Chugiak

  [Other] - 11:00 AM, Wed Mar 21, 2018

Slightly chunky fresh groom but superb both techniques.

Report by C. Crawford.

Coastal plain

  [Other] - 10:00 AM, Wed Mar 21, 2018

good crust on the coastal wildlife refuge. I skied north from Victor road to Kincaid. Best, smoothest snow was north of the CC estuary. south of there is good but more ice and route finding.

Report by steve cleary.


  [Other] - 9:00 AM, Wed Mar 21, 2018

Best skiing of the year! Get it before the sun does.

Report by wayne.

Glen Alps

  [Anchorage] - 8:00 AM, Wed Mar 21, 2018

Crust along the creek/PowerLine starting from Glen Alps is hit and miss with some nice sections but a lot of punching through.

Report by Skigaga skier.

Westchester Lagoon

  [Other] - 7:00 AM, Wed Mar 21, 2018

Excellent crust on the lagoon, on the mudflats from Chester Creek to Fish Creek, and in the Fish Creek Estuary. From Fish Creek to Marston, there are a lot of ice chunks. From Marston to Earthquake Park, there are some flat areas with good crust 30 to 60 yards off shore. The high tide at 10:20 am may be high enough to change conditions.

Report by Dan Beutel.

Beach Lake Trails - Chugiak

  [Other] - 6:00 AM, Wed Mar 21, 2018

Trails groomed overnight and in great shape! Firm and fast

Report by Nate.

Moose Range

  [Other] - 7:00 PM, Tue Mar 20, 2018

Campsite groomed by Kirby this morning was creamy smooth tonight... and CRUST skiing in the meadows along side the trails! check it out

Report by karen.

Kincaid Park

  [Other] - 6:00 PM, Tue Mar 20, 2018

Trails that were groomed overnight were pretty decent, fast skate skiing. Sunny patches had gotten quite soft, and shady areas were a bit crispy.
Trails not groomed overnight looked like a good opportunity to break speed records, skis, and/or oneself.

Report by Heidi.

Tour of Anchorage Trail

  [Other] - 4:00 PM, Tue Mar 20, 2018

Skied from ANMC up to Hillside trails.

The tour trail was extremely fast, a bit rutted and skittery in places, but overall very good, 8/10.

Skied an abbreviated loop on the Hillside trails. They were phenomenal! Fast and firm corduroy, best conditions I have skied all year! 10/10

Report by Nate Ray.


  [Other] - 4:00 PM, Tue Mar 20, 2018

Reiterating other reports of banner conditions at Hillside today from ~1-3 pm, and adding that I found strong crust off-piste at the top of Spencer Loop around 2 pm...

Report by Adrian.

Moose Range

  [Other] - 1:00 PM, Tue Mar 20, 2018

Trails groomed from Murphy Rd lower trail head. Go south from four corners to Zander’s Gander and Campground Loop. Also working on a NEW TRAIL west of Murphy Road connecting lower and upper Murphy trail heads. This would complete the Murphy Road loop without having to ride or ski on the road....

Report by Kirby Spangler.

Government Peak Recreation Area

  [Other] - 12:00 PM, Tue Mar 20, 2018

Strong supportive crust in the forest and meadows between and outside the groomed loops. Still strong at noon. Upper singletrack loop looked nice - bike-groomed a few tires wide. Pictures on matsuski.org

Report by c.

Goose Lake

  [Other] - 11:00 AM, Tue Mar 20, 2018

Great crust on goose lake around 11am today. A few punchy pole placements in the woods around the lake but superb conditions on the lake.

Report by steve cleary.


  [Other] - 10:00 AM, Tue Mar 20, 2018

Add Spencer Loop to TC’s description of Hillside trails groomed beautifully this am. The tracks did not get re-done, and they are fine, but the skate lanes are great. Today’s is some of the fastest yet most edge-able conditions of this season. Thanks Groomers!

Report by Dave.


  [Other] - 9:00 AM, Tue Mar 20, 2018

Great balls of fire! The outer loop at Hillside (Besh, Hillside, Jr Nordic & Randy’s) was a blast this morning. It turns out rain, followed by snow and then hours of sunshine on a snow pack that gets below freezing at night can be groomed into a magic carpet the following morning. Any chance somebody can clear the Abbott parking lot? (30F at 0900)

Report by TC.

Government Peak Recreation Area

  [Other] - 1:00 AM, Tue Mar 20, 2018

All lit loops and stadium packed and groomed for classic and skating. A few trees down but mostly off the trail. One tree is on the edge of the trail on the Pioneer loop near where the "flat route" and the down hill come back together. There is also a nasty snag embedded in the ski trail on the left hand side just beyond the downed tree. BE CAREFUL! Please toss twigs and branches off the trail.

Report by Ed Strabel.

Alaska Pacific University

  [Other] - 11:00 PM, Mon Mar 19, 2018

Any reports on crust skiing in the anchorage bowl and environs? Thanks

Report by skier1111.

Chester Creek Trail

  [Other] - 3:00 PM, Mon Mar 19, 2018

Skate skied Chester between Goose Lk and ANMC to find variable conditions. Hard and fast in shaded sections that supported foot and even narrow tired bikes. Sections in sun were nicely softened for skiing but not very good for walking or narrow tires. Water ponded in tunnel under Ambassador Dr. Old classic tracks remained but were shallow. Bridge over N Lights at Goose Lk still has coverage, but was uneven due to multiuse traffic and soft condition.

Report by Larry Rundquist.

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

  [Other] - 12:00 PM, Mon Mar 19, 2018

Skated from Elderberry to Earthquake Park and the trail was holding up well. Runners sinking in maybe an inch and a half, but still pretty firm for skis. Hopefully will freeze nicely overnight. Classic tracks still there, but a bit reduced in height from rainfall.

Report by Patrick Carnahan.