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Government Peak Recreation Area

  [Other] - 9:00 AM, Wed Jan 18, 2017

MSSC re-groomed all loops. Classic tracks reset only where needed

Report by Ed Strabel.

Moose Range

  [Other] - 8:00 AM, Wed Jan 18, 2017

Gene Backus packed and groomed the Moose Range trails from the Wendt Rd access point. No classic tracks.

Report by Ed Strabel.

Chester Creek Trail

  [Other] - 8:00 AM, Wed Jan 18, 2017

I saw the groomers heading down Chester Creek from the Russian Jack bridge this morning at 7:45 am or so, so the trail should be nice this afternoon.

Report by Dustin.

Alaska Pacific University

  [Other] - 7:00 PM, Tue Jan 17, 2017

Those fastidious about their bases should be aware that ANTHC put down gravel (and partially plowed) the multi-use trail just north of the Tudor-Elmore bridge. I kicked as much off the trail as I could. Biking the APU bypass and upper Chester Creek is even slower (!) than yesterday with a single ski/bike/walk track and occasional skied-in classic tracks to the side. Skiing the APU trails is much more pleasant with skier packed tracks throughout. Minimal packing of the APU singletrack. Nice night for a ski or to punish yourself by biking!

Report by iblake.

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

  [Other] - 6:00 PM, Tue Jan 17, 2017

XC ski last night from Earthquake Park to Point Woronzof. There is a classic track on the edge it does get covered by the blowing snow. An the infamous tire rut is now a packed snowshoe path. I saw no tire tracks on this section. The packed path makes fast down hill sections a blast. Yes, signs are still up on this section from the frosty, I moved a couple of them out of the way as I could not carry them and ski.
Have fun and enjoy the multi use trails!

Report by gjk.

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

  [Other] - 4:00 PM, Tue Jan 17, 2017

Thought I'd seen it all --- must share - please excuse---
Today on a very remote stretch of the coastal trail I ran into a couple of misguided lads from the Jehova Witness church who were not only poorly dressed for this weather but were clueless that they were walking straight down the classic track. They stopped me while waving a Bible (really ... honest to .. well you know) and began their message... I said it was too cold to discuss religion and scolded for them for walking on the classic path. They readily apologized and continued on their quest to save other multi use souls. Religious Freedom .... ya gotta love it.

Report by Pete Eberhardt.

Government Peak Recreation Area

  [Other] - 3:00 PM, Tue Jan 17, 2017

All loops groomed for skating and classic.

Report by Ed Strabel.

Chester Creek Trail

  [Other] - 11:00 AM, Tue Jan 17, 2017

Upper Chester multiuse trail has not been groomed as of 11 am. There is a well used skier set of classic tracks and a well used fat tire path. I saw a few skate ski tracks in between in several inch deep powder and not much foot traffic. Classic skis or fat tire bikes seem to be the easiest modes of transport under current conditions.

Report by Larry Rundquist.

Moose Range

  [Other] - 6:00 AM, Tue Jan 17, 2017

Fresh packed foot of snow with 2in fresh on top - just a wonderful classic morning .! thanks to the groomers from VMBH or MSSC

Report by karen.

Portage Lake

  [Other] - 8:00 PM, Mon Jan 16, 2017

Approximately 1foot of new snow. Parked on road to Whittier since visitor center road was unplowed. Light snow and wind all day, lake snow was highly wind sculpted. Some icing up on fish scale skis in places. Slow going since tracks blew in quickly. Bikes a no go today.

Report by Diane .

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

  [Other] - 7:00 PM, Mon Jan 16, 2017

Nice skier set xc ski track from Lyn Ary to Woronzof, kept getting blown in at the usual spots. The infamous deep rut from Saturday is filled in and yet I didn't see any skate skiers at all....mmmmm ;)
Only saw 1 cyclist who didn't appear to be having fun and a couple of folks on foot, nice and deep out there, looking forward to having it groomed and letting it set up nice and hard with the cold temps so all users can enjoy it.

Report by Ipickupmydogspoo.


  [Other] - 6:00 PM, Mon Jan 16, 2017

Beautiful classic skiing at Hillside, first time skiing in deep snow like this in three years. Fun to just go for a slog.
Re: Fat bikes on ToA trail: key word is Multi-used. Multi meaning many. I'm sure the bikers would have preferred not to have been working in a rut through 8" of snow for 50km, or however far it was, but snow can be groomed. Have a little patience and don't get your knickers in a twist about something that won't be long-lasting. I'm the first to grump at bikers or walkers or dogs on the ski-only trails, but jeez, folks, chill out when it's a multi-use trail being used for a special event by an appropriate user group. Enjoy the snow!

Report by Ben Arians.

Tour of Anchorage Trail

  [Other] - 3:00 PM, Mon Jan 16, 2017

This discussion seem to beg the point of responsibility for damage of trails after grooming. Just as you don't ride single track in the mud if you have any consideration of those who come after you and have to maintain those. Fat bikes do minimal damage if the trail has time to set up. Getting out on a soft trail is say that you must count for more than those that come after you. Consideration of others is what make work.

Report by D h P.

Chester Creek Trail

  [Other] - 1:00 PM, Mon Jan 16, 2017

As a "retired" skier and current fatbiker, we should all just be happy we have snow to play in this year. As others have already stated multi use trails are there for all user groups. Anchorage has dedicated dog sled and ski only trails but none for bikes. Even the STA trails are considered multi use. A select few seem to have forgotten that Anchorage has well over 100k of dedicated ski only trails. When recreating on the multi use trails one should realize what they are getting into...

Report by FW.

Tour of Anchorage Trail

  [Other] - 12:00 PM, Mon Jan 16, 2017

Travis. In response to your report on the TOA trail, I had every intention of grooming this vital connector on Saturday night/Sunday morning. As the NSAA grooming report indicated, trail markers and pin flags were not picked up following the bike race. Personally, I did not feel responsible for picking up the trail markers, nor would I have enjoyed untangling pin flags from the tiller, burning up a bearing should a pin flag make its way there, or changing a flat tire caused by same pin flag. PistenBullys are tough and well-made equipment. NSAA equipment has significantly higher hours on them then you would find at most nordic or alpine areas. In addition, NSAA PB's never see the warmth of a heated shop the entire winter unless something significantly catastrophic happens. Most maintenance is tented with supplemental heat added. Certainly, I could have used a snowmachine. But unlike an NSAA PB, a long nights of work can be enjoyed in a semi-warm environment.

Report by Matthew Pauli.

Tour of Anchorage Trail

  [Other] - 11:00 AM, Mon Jan 16, 2017

I too was one of the many users who yesterday found the condition of the Chester and Tour trails to be "challenging." As noted before it mostly falls into the category of bad luck that the Frosty Bottom happened right after a bit snowfall. I don't blame the riders for taking the fastest line.

I disagree though that the grooming is only for the benefit of skiers. All users benefit from having a smooth, firm surface. The lumpy, rutted stretch of TOA trail on muni land (between the MLK bridge and the start of BLM land) is a good example of what a trail looks like when highly used but ungroomed, and it's not as fun on any gear. In years past the NSAA has sent a groomer from Hillside down the TOA trail roughly once a week but I don't know if that will be done this year. Now that we finally have enough snow maybe they will.

Now that we have snow, with some good grooming all of the trails will be in good shape for everyone.

Report by T Recs.

Tour of Anchorage Trail

  [Other] - 10:00 AM, Mon Jan 16, 2017

Given the opportunity to comment on "multi-use", I believe that all users of multi-use trails have an obligation to respect other users tracks and minimize their impact as much as possible.

If out walking, it is totally disrespectful to walk on a classic ski track that someone went to the effort of breaking off to the edge. Your effort to find easier going greatly diminishes another trail user's experience. Break your own walking track instead of destroying the hard work of others. Maybe heel your dog on the side away from the tracks, your dog is on a leash, right?

When I'm classic skiing and there is a walking track broken out already, I will break my own ski track off to the side wherever possible, hoping it will then be respected.

I don't have the solution but propose there is some natural winter use scheme that could be developed and honored, maybe classic on one side, bike and walking on the other (as it seems to me once well packed they are relatively compatible) and skate skiing down the middle out of necessity because to skate ski at all one needs the width.

With rights come responsibilities.

Report by DAS.

Chester Creek Trail

  [Other] - 9:00 AM, Mon Jan 16, 2017

The deep fat tire rut was caused by the Frosty Bottom race on Saturday, about 200 bikers carved a trail in fresh snow from Kincaid to Goose Lake, and then another 75 or so all the way to Hillside and back. The rut is pretty unavoidable in that circumstance. Most of the race was done single file. Otherwise, bikers are generally aware of minimizing impact on the trails. I know most of us were conscientious of the classic tracks, but people swerved/fell and otherwise damage to those tracks were unavoidable.

Report by Joe.

Government Peak Recreation Area

  [Other] - 9:00 AM, Mon Jan 16, 2017

All loops re-groomed for classic skiing early this AM. Skate lane was re-groomed on the Pioneer and Matanuska loops. A few "meteor" craters on some uphills in the skate lane. MSSC will pack the trails again this afternoon.

Report by Ed Strabel.

BLM Campbell Tract

  [Other] - 9:00 AM, Mon Jan 16, 2017

Full disclosure:I am a fat biker and mountain biker. I was hiking and xc skiing before I started biking. We the fat bikers are typically the very same "summer counterparts" who (mostly) try to avoid making ruts. Winter conditions are a different story. Multi use trails connect us places and can't really be reasonably avoided. In the summer most of these trails are paved so the thousands of users on them doesn't change the condition in winter that is a different story. I think many under estimate how many of us "fat bikers" are also skiers and partake in other snow sports as well. I also classic ski, skate ski and snowmachine and I understand it's more difficult ski when a rut develops. Heck it even makes biking a little tricky when the rut gets deeper. However I personally think that the posters here are getting a little picky about what they expect from a multi use trail. Fingers are being pointed here at us fat bikers. I am not by any means a very skilled skier at all, but I have not had all that much trouble classic skiing and skating over fat bike ruts or walker/runner divots. These are multi use trails, it is to be expected and if I can ski these trails then almost any skier should be able to do so as well. I do understand that this weekend the dreaded rut is worse. A once a year race with 150+ fat bikes and permits from the muni just happened to coincide with more fresh snow than we've had in awhile. Guess what, when the muni groomers pass over it, it will be substantially better! Of course as we all know, skiers also have access to ski only trails in addition to the multi use trails. That is where you should seek pristine groomed trails. Scold us all you want if you find us wrecking your NSAA groomed ski only trails, but realize we are talking about MULTI USE trails here. These are trails groomed by the muni. This is paid for by tax dollars and who do you think they groom these "multi use" trails for? The only user they are groomed for is skiers. It doesn't benefit walkers, they'd be better off plowing it for them, and only more recently have fat tire bikers benefited and we'd rather have a more solid base than groomers coming through often. Yet the skiers get this great benefit, which by the way, I think is a great thing and makes our city a great place to ski with the connections our trail systems make. But realize these multi use trails are not going to stay looking like fresh corduroy. If you are a skijorer, than you share something in common with us fat bikers. That is, you do not have your own dedicated trails that no one else is supposed to be on. To everyone using these multi use trails, no matter your method: enjoy the snow! Enjoy the fresh air and all the opportunities we are so lucky to have here to do so. Be friendly with each other and please whine less. Be happy that so many of us are getting out to use these trails the way they were intended. If you seek more solitude, travel a little further away. Cheers 😀

Report by Andrew .