Team Alaska – Junior Nationals

Team Alaska Junior Nationals Athlete Packet – There are two additional waivers added to this packet from the first waiver correspondence that was emailed on January 31. If you have already completed two waivers, please find the additional two waivers and complete them if they apply to you.

Please complete the online athlete information form.

The team fee is listed in the Athlete Packet. Use this link if you would like to pay online, check back here for the online link. The online payment is $25 higher to cover the credit card transaction fees that CCAK is charged.

Storefront for Podiumwear Team Alaska Uniform – prices are in the Athlete Packet. Pictures are coming soon. Please use this link to order your uniform. Delivery will be to the coaches and they will distribute to the team. The uniform is a new design from the same company. The password is JN2019

Ja Dorris will go over the details of the trip packet at the award ceremony; answering questions about accommodations for non Anchorage athletes and the general plan of the week.