2018-19 Besh Cups 1 & 2 CCAK Race Venue Assessment – Competition Committee Action

Monday, December 10 post – Noon

The Cross Country Alaska (CCAK) Competition Committee met tonight, Thursday, via teleconference to discuss a course of action for Besh Cup races #1 and #2. The committee voted to have the Besh Cup 1 & 2 races at the Government Peak Recreational Association ski trails. Each day will be an interval start with distances & techniques to be determined at the Wednesday night pre race meeting.

Please visit the race week information page which will be updated as details are finalized.

CCAK thanks everyone for their patience – and for their sweet snow dance moves that at least brought winter to the Mat-Su area. Anchorage isn’t doing too shabby in the snow department; but not as reliable for planning a race as what Government Peak currently has.

Thursday, December 6 post – 10:00pm

The Cross Country Alaska (CCAK) Competition Committee met tonight, Thursday, via teleconference to discuss a course of action for Besh Cup races #1 and #2 in light of snow conditions in Anchorage.

The decision of the Committee was to defer action until it meets again at 8PM Sunday night.  In the words below, the  phrase “can be held” means that the Committee believes that the snow and weather conditions will be such that race organization can produce a safe event at a level of quality sufficient to meet the requirements for a Besh Cup race. It is possible that there will be a change in format of the events, depending upon the venue.

It should be possible to hold a sprint event under any of the scenarios that might eventuate.

Here how the decision will be made at Sunday night’s Competition Committee meeting:

  1. If the races can be held at Kincaid Park, they will be held at Kincaid Park, if not . . .
  2. If the races can be held at Hillside Trails, they will be held at Hillside Trails, if not . . .
  3. If the races can be held at Government Peak Recreation Area (GPRA) in Palmer/Wasilla, they will be held at GPRA, if not . .
  4. If the races can be held at Birch Hill, they will be held at Birch Hill, if not . . .
  5. The races will be rescheduled for Anchorage on February 16-17

Thanks for your patience,

Cross Country Alaska Competition Committee

Thursday, December 6 post – 8:30am:

The CCAK Competition Committee will meet at 8pm on Thursday December 6, nine days out from the Saturday race and 10 days out from the Sunday race. The Competition Committee is comprised of race officials, host club representatives, coaches and other stakeholders. If you would like to share your opinion, CCAK suggests you pass this on to your coach. As a voting member of the Competition Committee, they are who represent athletes/families.

  • CCAK wants to make the decision as early as possible to make it easier for skiers, coaches and parents to make travel plans but also wait as late as we can to get the most accurate weather & temperature forecast for the weekend of the 15th and 16th.
  • CCAK will contact the National Weather Service to see what they can come up with for temperature forecasts for the weekend.
  • CCAK wants to work with the best weather data to make a decision that involves relocating along with the logistics and finances associated with relocating.
  • CCAK will weigh the options of moving further from (Fairbanks) the original venue for better, but possibly colder temperatures or not as far away (Palmer) from the original venue for a smaller venue with less infrastructure & volunteer experience. “Cold” is fine, but outside of legal/safe temperature is not. If there is a decision to move to Fairbanks, CCAK does not want 250 skiers show up and not be able to race due to low temperatures.

CCAK is watching the 10-day weather forecasts for Fairbanks, Anchorage, & Mat-Su.

  • Fairbanks temperatures dropping as we get toward the race weekend. As we all know, an inversion that covers Birch Hill would have a substantial beneficial effect on those forecast temperatures from the airport.  Nevertheless, it is something we need to pay attention to.  An inversion is never guaranteed.
  • The Mat-Su Ski Club has voted to be the backup location if their conditions are suitable. They also have limitations such as no electricity, inexperienced volunteers (in the realm of Besh races) and very limited parking. If this becomes the race location, please be ready to carpool. We also would be looking for volunteers to help the Mat-Su Ski Club if this venue is chosen.
  • Anchorage/Chugiak options are limited to non-existent here in Anchorage. Kincaid, Hillside, & Chugiak are ice/grass rinks and are not safe for a larger race. The forecast for making snow is poor.

The CCAK Competition Committee is constructing a decision tree as to how we would decide to change locations and/or postpone or cancel races, if necessary, for the remainder of the season, should snow remain sparse in the Anchorage Bowl and Kenai Peninsula.