JN & AWG Team Packets & Online Payments

Team Alaska will be named after the Besh Cup 6 races on Sunday, February 4.

2018 AWG Info Packet

2018 AWG Online Payment ($375)

2018 JN Info Packet

2018 JN Online Payment ($2,900)

2018 JN Uniform online ordering link

If you plan to accept your slot on Team Alaska (for either JN or AWG), but will not be in attendance at the naming ceremony on Sunday, please contact Lauri Bassett (info@crosscountryalaska.org) by Friday, February 2.

JN & AWG Team Naming:
For those of you currently highlighted – or close to being highlighted – to be named to either the Junior Nationals or Arctic Winter Games team:

  • If you are in a JN slot, but intend to take (or are thinking about taking) an AWG slot instead, please let Lauri Bassett know by noon Saturday. You can make the final decision on Sunday at the team naming, but it’s helpful for us to be prepared in knowing who would be next on the list should we move out of the highlighted folks after the results are posted from race 6.
  • A few items regarding the JN team in the Team Selection Criteria (Part 2 – Divisional Qualification for Junior Nationals through Performance in Besh Cup Races)
    • First year U20 skiers needs to be in the top 10 to be considered for the JN team.
    • Second year U20 skiers needs to be  in the top 6 to be considered for the JN team.
    • In the U16 age group, only the top 10 skiers are eligible for the JN team. Example: If places 1 – 7 choose JN, and 8, 9, 10 choose AWG, the only choice 11 would have is to go to AWG. The remaining JN opening goes to a U18 skier.

Ja Dorris and Pete Leonard will name the Junior Nationals Team first and will then name the Arctic Winter Games team.

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