ConocoPhillips Besh Cup Races 3 & 4 – Lookout Mountain, Homer_Startlist Update

Homer races are a go! The report from KNSC is that the snow cover and base is good at Lookout Mountain. While it has been raining in the region, the snow has held and the temperatures are expected to drop.

We do not have a specific road conditions report; though with temperatures dropping after several days of warm temperatures, expect the road conditions that we have become accustomed and plan your drive accordingly. Take your time.

Venue details – Concessions will be onsite – provided by the Homer High School Ski Team

Parking is limited – Please carpool as best you are able. Be as efficient as possible in your parking manner. The lot is icy but is being sanded. Ice bug boots or grippers to attach to your boots should be a staple by now in your “go bags.”

Warming area is the chalet where bib pickup & concessions are. Portapotties are on-site.

Start Lists

Besh Cup 3 Start List (Freestyle Qualification race begins at 10am)

Besh Cup 3 Freestyle Sprint Heat Schedule

Besh Cup 4 Classic Interval Start

Sunday Race Information from Officials

Course will be open for warm-up to athletes-only during the competition.  Athletes warming up on course will be required to wear their race-issued bibs INSIDE OUT to gain access.  Athletes must yield to and not interfere with competing skiers; this includes but is not limited to passing and pacing  The start area will not be open for course access.  For example, access points are immediately adjacent to the upper parking lots.  Please, no fence jumping.

Two staff members/wax technicians per team will be permitted on the competition course during the competition to allow for wax testing.  Other coaches on course will be required to be on location with skis off.

Course Maps

1.25km Sprint Saturday Race Course

3km Sunday Course

5km Sunday Race Course

Saturday Schedule – Freestyle Sprint

Start lists, heat sheets, & flower ceremony schedule will be posted here on Friday.

  • Bib Pick-up 8am-11am
  • Race Day Registration 8am-9am
  • Qualifying Races U14+ 10am
  • U08/U10/U12 Prelim & Final Heats 11:15-11:45 (approximate start time based on end time of U14+ qualifying races and final registrant numbers)
  • Heats begin 12:30pm (U18+ / U16 / U14 is the order of events)
    • U16 skiers ski in qualifying race with U18+
    • U16 skiers who qualify in top 30 compete in the U18+ heats
      • U16 skiers will receive flower ceremony awards based on their placement in the U18+ heats
      • If there are fewer than three U16 skiers in the U18+ heats, the U16 flower ceremony will include the number of top finishers from the U16 bracket heats that bring the total to three U16 skiers for the ceremony.
      • There will be one award for the top three skiers of the U18+ A Final. Flower ceremony awards will not be given to separate age group winners within this bracket.
    • Top 12 U16 skiers who qualify outside of the top 30 will ski in the U16 bracket

Sunday Schedule – Classic Interval Start

Start lists & flower ceremony schedule will be posted here on Saturday.

  • Bib Pick-up 9am-Noon
  • Race Day Registration 9am-10am
  • Race times (subject to adjustment based on final registrant numbers)
    • 11:00 – U08/u10
    • 11:10 – U12M – 3 Km
    • 11:40 – U12F – 3 Km
    • 12:10 – U14/U16M – 5Km
    • 12:45 – U14+F – 5Km
    • 1:40 – U18+M – 10Km


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