ConocoPhillips Besh Cup Races 5 & 6 – Kincaid Park, Anchorage

Update February 2, 2018

Besh Cup 5 & 6

Saturday, February 3 & Sunday, February 4

Kincaid Park – Anchorage, Alaska

The Ski For Women is scheduled on Sunday at Kincaid Park Stadium. The good news is that currently the snow conditions at Kincaid allow for skiing beyond the snow making loop; so a race from the biathlon area and the main stadium area can happen at the same time.

To accommodate a mass start the race formats have been switched from the original plan. Additionally, the U08, U10, U12, U14 will ski interval start on Sunday instead of the ski cross. Instead of the usual 11am start on Sunday, the races will begin at noon.

Start Lists

Besh Cup 6 Start List_Updated Sunday (No bib numbers were changed.)

Besh Cup 5 Start List

Sunday – will be posted on Saturday morning

Course Maps

Besh Cup 5 Course Map 2018

Besh Cup 6 Course Map 2018 (Updated 2/2/2018)


  • Mass Start Classic in the Kincaid Stadium.
  • Besh Cup 5 Course Map 2018
  • Bunker is reserved for waxing.
  • Races begin at 11am
  • Regular parking plan. Upper and lower lots are available.

Proposed Order of Events (specific times TBD)

  • U18+M                    10.4K
  • U18+F                      10.4K
    • Flower Ceremony U18+M
  • U12/U14M
    • Flower Ceremony U18+F
  • U16M   3.7K
    • Flower Ceremony U12/U14M
  • U12/U14F
    • Flower Ceremony U16M
  • U16F    3.7K
    • Flower Ceremony U12/U14F
  • U08/U10M&F      1.5K
    • Flower Ceremony U16F


  • Interval Start Freestyle in the Biathlon Stadium.
    • The biathlon building is located across the road from the main stadium in the direction of the bridge that goes over the stadium tunnel. There is not specific parking at the biathlon stadium, so you will have to cross the road from either of the parking lots to get to the biathlon area.
  • Besh Cup 6 Course Map 2018
  • Bunker is reserved for waxing.
  • Races begin at Noon
  • Please plan to carpool; and if possible, athletes should plan to be dropped off at the bunker. If parking is not available, please park at Kincaid Elementary School and take the Ski For Women Shuttle; which runs from 9am-2pm. Kincaid Elementary is located on the left side of Raspberry Road approximately one-half mile past the Jewel Lake/Raspberry intersection.

Proposed Order of Events (specific times depend on number of entrants)

  • U18+M            10.2K
  • U16+F             5.3K
  • U16M               5.3K
  • U12/U14M     3.1K
  • U12/U14F       3.1K
  • U08/U10MF 1.2K

Flower ceremonies will take place

Ski For Women Timeline

For the women skiers who want the full experience on Sunday at Kincaid! There is a silent auction in the Kincaid Chalet as well as SFW merchandise.

Ski For Women Website

Online Registration


Late registration & bib pickup Friday, February 2, 2018, 12-7pm at REI

Sunday Bib Pickup is 9am-10am (on Sunday, the only registration option is for the Party Wave)

Duathlon wave          10:30

Skate wave                 10:35

Classic wave               11:00

Costume Parade        11:30

Awards Ceremony    12:00

Party Wave                12:45

If you have specific Ski For Women questions, please check the SFW Website or send an email to


December 12, 2017

Based on the changes made on Monday, December 11, 2017; the Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage is hosting Besh 5 & 6. The format for Sunday is set to be ski cross for U08/U10/U12/U14. Anchorage will determine if holding a ski cross is possible and the final decision will be made by the Competition Committee; likely in the early January meeting.

The Anchorage Ski For Women is scheduled for Sunday, February 4. NSAA will determine the venue at which to host Besh 6; and will be discussed by the Competition Committee.

The awards ceremony and the naming of Team Alaska will take place on Sunday, February 4. The ceremony will begin 30 minutes after the end of the final race.

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