UPDATED! ConocoPhillips Besh Cup Races 1 & 2 – Notice of Alternate Venue Consideration

UPDATE – 9:30pm December 11, 2017

A meeting of the CCAK Competition Committee tonight resulted in the following changes to the Besh Cup schedule. All members except one were in attendance at tonight’s meeting and all coaches and race officials made mention of their thoughts, concerns, concerns of the families in their programs, and weighed the options very carefully.The goal of CCAK is to provide the opportunity for as many skiers as possible to compete in quality races that prepare them for national level competition.

  1. It was discussed and voted upon to not race in Anchorage this weekend. While NSAA would do the best it could based on current snow and conditions, there would still be a chance that further deterioration could result in race cancellation.
  2. The next topic that was voted upon was to waive the 10 day race change rule. Six of the CCAK Board of Directors attended the Competition Committee meeting and approved of the vote to waive this rule for Besh races 1 & 2.
  3. Next, the group discussed a suitable location for Besh races 1 & 2. The Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks is able to host the races on homologated courses that would still allow this event to qualify as a FIS sanctioned race. The Kachemak Nordic Ski Club representative weighed in and Tsalteshi Trails Association was contacted. Both clubs were in attendance at the Lynx Loppet in Anchorage and agreed that their trails were not any better than Anchorage.  The committee voted in favor of holding the races in Fairbanks. The schedule will be adjusted and worked in the best way possible based on the fact these races are being held at almost 65 degrees latitude less than one week before the winter solstice.
    • Sunday races will be a mass start instead of the advertised interval start. The order will begin with U18+M, U18+F, U16M, U16F, U12/14M, U12/U14F, U08/U10/U12. At this time, the distances have not been adjusted; though the topic of the U18+M distance may be discussed at the regular pre-race Competition Committee meeting on Wednesday evening.
  4. The final vote in the saga of the weather disaster of this week was to move Besh Cup races 5 & 6 to Anchorage. The Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage agreed that the races could be held in Anchorage that weekend and have begun the preparations for this.

At this time there is not a reason to make any changes to Besh Cup races 3 & 4.

CCAK thanks you for your understanding. We know that any change or cancellation to the schedule will not be favored by everyone. Fairbanks people had plans to come south this weekend and are shifting plans. Non-Fairbanks people have to change February plans; and last minute December weekend plans. Homer people have to drive many more hours further. Rest assured though, Fairbanks is ready to take on the challenge and will rise to the occasion of putting on the best races possible over the shortest weekend of the year! It’s also good to keep in mind that if there are 6 races, the best FOUR are considered for Team Alaska teams.

9:00 am Notice:

Cross Country Alaska has a race postponement/contingency policy. For reasons described below, today, December 11, 2017, the CCAK Competition Committee (comprised of club coaches, race officials, and club officials) is discussing alternatives for Besh Cup races 1 & 2. This is a deviation of the usual timeline of when a change is considered. The final plan will not be perfect and popular with everyone, but it is fortunate that there are options.

To enable Alaskan skiers a series of high level ski races prior to the US National Championships, alternatives are being considered. At this point the potential of Fairbanks hosting Besh 1 & 2 THIS weekend is being considered. There will be a Competition Committee this evening and a final plan will be communicated via this Website, the CCAK Facebook page and by email to all registered participants.

CCAK appreciates everyone’s patience and understanding. If you have specific suggestions at this point, we suggest you run them through your club coach to bring to the Competition Committee discussion.

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