2017 ConocoPhillips Besh Cup 3 & 4 – January 21 & 22 – Tsalteshi Trails, Soldotna

The Tsalteshi Trails Association has been working very hard to put together a great set of races this weekend! Skyview Middle School will be the location of bib pickup, waxing, and CONCESSIONS! A special thanks to John Pothast and Bill Holt for all of their efforts! CCAK is glad to be back in Soldotna for Besh Cups 3 & 4.

Race organizers are looking for volunteers for this weekend’s races. Interested in passing the time? Click on this link to add your name to an area you are interested in helping out with.

Click for more information about Tsalteshi Trails.

Parents & spectators: Please refrain from skiing on the race course during the race and only cross at designated areas. First and foremost, this is for the safety of the skiers and it will maintain the best course possible throughout the race. Many of you think you’re not in the way when you’re on the course – and you’re not – until you are. Please be courteous spectators; and if you are directed by a volunteer during the race please treat them with respect and listen to their directions. They are all part of the group trying to put on a top notch race for your athletes.


  • Online Registration through midnight January 18
  • Race day registration available. Please register for general USSA license ($15) online and bring license number information. You may purchase one-day license at bib pick-up for $10/day.
  • Limited registration times and late fees assessed. See daily schedule below for times.

Course Maps

Freestyle Sprint 1K – U16+ Sprint

Freestyle Sprint 600M – U08/U10/U12/U14

Classic Interval Start 10K – U18+M

Classic Interval Start Besh 5K – U16M & U16+F

Classic Interval Start Besh 3K – U12/U14

Besh 1K 2017 – U08/U10

Start Lists

Besh Cup 3 Freestyle Sprint

Besh Cup 4 Classic Interval Start

Sunday Schedule – inside Skyview Middle School

  • Bib Pickup – 9am – Noon (Coaches please instruct all skiers to pick up bibs by noon)
  • Late Registration – 9am – 10am
    • $10 late fee
    • Must either have USSA license or purchase a one-day ($10) or general season license ($15)

Race Day Schedule




  • Flower Ceremonies for each race will be 15 minutes after last racer crosses finish line for each race.
  • Awards will be given to each age group in the junior divisions



Saturday Schedule

  • Bib Pickup – 8am- 11am
  • Late Registration – 8am – 9am
    • $10 late fee
    • Must either have USSA license or purchase a one-day ($10) or general season license ($15)
  • Sprint Heat Bib Pickup – 12:15 – 1:30 (Afternoon qualifiers – please pick up your bibs by 1:30)

10:00  U08/U10 F & U08/U10 M Prelim
10:03  U12 F Prelim
10:06  U12 M Prelim
10:09  U08/U10 F & U08/U10 M Final
10:12  U12 F Final
10:15  U12 M Final
10:30  Qualifying Races Begin
10:40  U08/U10/U12 Flower Ceremonies
12:45  Heats Begin – 2017 Besh 3 Sprint Schedule
1:30    U14 Flower Ceremonies
3:30    U16+ Flower Ceremonies

Flower Ceremonies

  • U08/U10/U12 races award the top 3 boys and the top 3 girls of each age group.
  • Afternoon heat races award flowers and medals to the top 3 finishers in the U14 A finals and the U16+ A Finals
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