What Does Prequalification Mean and How Does it Affect Team Alaska?

Skiers who place in the top 20 after competing at Senior Nationals are ranked on the World Junior Ranking List. Those who place in the top 20 prequalify for their regional team without being counted against the quota. Those who place in the top 21-30 prequalify for their regional team but do get counted against the quota. (See Team Selection for specifics).

To select the skiers of Team Alaska beyond the prequalifiers, there are specific rules set in place by the Competition Committee to make the selections. This is the first year that a U16 has prequalified. Please review the information below for how this could (or could not) affect Team Alaska selection for Junior Nationals. This could affect the U18/U20 age group as well.

Prequalifiers and Team Selection Example

Current Points List

CCAK has not changed anything in the team selection process since 2013. Often the team selection tab of a website isn’t looked at until team selection day. Please familiarize yourself with the protocol CCAK has in place to manage prequalifers.

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