CCAK Contingency Plan for Weather and Trail Issues as Race Day Approaches

The CCAK Competition Committee met Wednesday, January 13, to discuss the snow & trail conditions in Homer. At that time, the committee will look at the weather forecast and discuss alternatives.

Regarding weather, trail conditions and the process CCAK follows. Final decisions are always made on the Wednesday prior to the race. The following is the steps in place that the Competition Committee follows:

If there is any possibility that a race weekend will need to be moved to different region of the state, the Competition Committee meets 10 days prior to the race weekend (the Wednesday of the 2nd week prior to the races) to discuss the issue. The CCAK policy is that regardless of the decision made 10 days prior to the race, no further decision to move those races will be considered.

As far as postponing or cancelling any Besh Cup races, the Competition Committee follows a similar procedure with a shorter (3-day) timeline.

The Competition Committee meets on the Wednesday prior to the Besh Cup weekend to discuss preparations for and likely conditions for the event. At that meeting, the host club presents their summary of preparations and snow conditions, as well as their best guess on weather conditions, based upon direct input from professional meteorologists, where available, as well as their experience with local weather patterns and conditions.

The committee’s recollections of this policy and these procedures have never resulted in people from outside the region traveling to Besh Cup races and those races NOT taking place. No one in any host organization, and no one on the Competition Committee wants skiers, coaches and parents to waste money traveling several hundred miles only to sit and not race.. A decision that produced that result, especially if that result was predictable, would serve no purpose in furthering the mission of CCAK.