How to Navigate the Conoco Phillips Besh Cup Races

Sample ConocoPhillips Besh Cup Race Weekend Timeline_2018 (Updated March 2018)

If two weeks prior to the race, the scheduled venue has conditions that are questionable, the Competition Committee will meet to discuss a change in venue. See Rules for Postponement, Cancellation, or Relocation.

New and seasoned racers may find this overview of the race season and the race weekends helpful when preparing for the events.

If you are part of a club or team, don’t hesitate to ask your coaches important questions such as “When should I arrive at the venue?” and “How will I know if I race another time on a sprint day?” For sprint days, the heat sheet timeline is a very important document. It lists the times for each quarterfinal, semifinal, and final; as well as indicates if there is a “B Bracket” for the U18/U20 age group. Sometimes U14 skiers go directly to A or B Final based on their qualifying time. It also indicates semifinal and final heats for the U16 age group that races in the qualifying race with the U18+ age groups. For the formats when U16 skiers race with U18+ in the qualifying race, any U16 skier who qualifies in the top 30 goes on to the U18+ quarterfinals. The next 12 U16 skiers who don’t qualify in the top 30 go to the U16 semifinal. Mass start and interval start races are far less-complicated.  CCAK offers a balanced mix of formats that best fit the venue, the trail conditions, and the amount of daylight. The timeline above gives an overview of how each of the races are organized. You can also find the most current season schedule and format here.