Besh Cup Race Series General Information

The Besh Cup race series is the premier cross country ski race series in Alaska. Here is some general info about the races.


The race entry fee is $35.00 per Besh Cup race for all skiers U14 and Older and $7.00 for U12-U10-U8 skiers.  Early birds, can save money, by registering for ALL six Besh Cup races by midnight November 30.  We encourage everyone to sign up online. Entry forms can also be mailed to you upon request.


As US Ski & Snowboard sanctioned events, the Besh Cup start lists must be prepared prior to race day. The start list is prepared on Thursday prior to the race and posted on the website on Friday morning. The start order, which uses a different pattern for sprint, mass start, and individual start events, is based on the CCAK seed points list.


Because of the start list requirements, the deadline for race entry is the Wednesday prior to the race. Therefore, we are not always able to accommodate day-of-race registration. At some races, to an extent possible determined by time, people, and electronic timing file preparation, LATE ENTRY may be possible after the Wednesday night deadline. Late entries will not be correctly seeded in the start order, but instead they will start in “ghost” positions of each age class (first or last in the start order based on format).


All competitors are eligible to score Besh Cup points in each Besh Cup race. The Besh Cup Series awards will be presented to the top finishers in each age group (usually top 3, sometimes more in the junior age groups) upon conclusion of Besh Cup #6. Points are scored using the World Cup Points schedule: 1st place is 100 points, 2nd 80, 3rd 60, 4th thru 30th receives 50, 45, 40, 36, 32, 29, 26, 24, 22, 20, 18, 16, 15, 14, …, 1, respectively. In the case of a tie, both skiers receive the points of the higher place (i.e. if two skiers tie for 3rd place, both will receive 60 points, no skier will score 4th place points, and 5th place will receive 45 points).

Ranking lists will be calculated as soon as possible after each Besh Cup weekend. Lists will be published and posted to the Cross Country Alaska web site within 48 hours after each of race weekend. The final list will be presented following Besh Cup Race #6.


This committee will meet the Wednesday prior to each race to finalize the schedule of each race day. If it seems the venue location is in jeopardy due to weather, please see the CCAK Competition Committee rules.


The Besh Cup races are qualifying races for Junior Nationals hopefuls. See this page for more information on qualifying for Junior Nationals.

In addition to the Junior Nationals, junior skiers in Besh Cup races may also qualify for the Arctic Winter Games, which are held in even-numbered years.