The Besh Cup Trophy And Its History

The Besh Cup trophy is the most prestigious award of the Besh Cup race series. The award is given to the male and female skiers who earn the most Junior Olympic qualifying points in the J1/OJ age group in ALL SIX races.  Congratulations to 2011 Besh Cup trophy winners Alyson McPhetres and Isaac Lammers!


Note that it is calculated using JO points, not Besh Cup points. The Besh Cup trophy competition is for J1 & OJs combined, and since the Besh Cup points are awarded to J1 & OJ separately, those points don’t work for determining the overall Besh Cup trophy winner. Instead, we use the Junior Olympic points, in which J1 & OJs compete head to head. But ALL SIX races are counted, whereas only 4 are counted towards qualifying for the JO team.



About Tom Besh

The Besh Cup race series is named after Alaska skiing pioneer Tom Besh. Tom Besh grew up in Anchorage and was an All-American collegiate skier for Western State University. He was a member of the US Ski Team before turning his focus towards coaching. Besh’s accomplishments as UAA’s first full-time ski coach are ledgendary, a position in which he served from 1977-90. As head ski coach at UAA for 13 years, his teams produced one national championship, 19 All-Americans and numerous top-10 NCAA Championship finishes. His 1979 women’s ski team captured a national ski championship. Besh frequently served as USSA’s Alaska Division coach and was an assistant coach for the U.S. Olympic Nordic team at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, N.Y. He was in the formation in many local events, including the Crow Pass Crossing, the Seawolf Triathlon and the Homestead Hill Run. Besh was also a three-time winner of the Seward Mount Marathon race. He moved on to serve as chair of UAA’s physical education department, a position he held until his untimely death in an airplane accident in 1993 at the age of 45. (Source: UAA Athletics Hall of Fame)


Besh Cup Trophy Winners

Alyson McPhetres
Isaac Lammers

Kailey Mucha
David Norris

Kinsey Loan
David Norris

Becca Rorabaugh
Reese Hanneman

Jaime Bronga
David Norris

Aleta Phelps
Reese Hanneman

Elizabeth Quinley
Nate Berry

Tazlina Mannix
Daniel Clark

Kassie Rice
Justin Singleton

Kassie Rice
Tyson Flaherty

Christina May
Andy Liebner

Lorrell Gower
Zach Hill

Dianna Johnson
Eric Strabel

Sara Rottman
Eric Strabel

Kate Pearson
John Angst

Kate Pearson
Robert Whitney

Allison Deines
David Lawrence