Skiers should expect increased enforcement of technical rules

At the international level, athletes have asked for obstructing and interference to be more closely called during sprint events.   

Heeding this call from top skiers, The United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA), has directed all Technical Delegates (TDs) and Race Officials to more tightly enforce the rules regarding interfering with other skiers.  Alaskans skiers should expect to see this tighter rule enforcement at Senior Nationals, Besh Cups, and other top Alaska races this season.  All competitive skiers and their coaches should make sure to double check and understand the rules for overtaking and passing to make they stay within the rules and avoid disqualification.

The bottom line:
An overtaking skier must hold his or her line while overtaking until he/she can cut in without impeding or obstructing the skier being overtaken.

The skier being overtaken must hold his/her line while being overtaken, and may not veer to the side forcing the overtaking skier to ski extra distance.

All skiers have equal right to the ideal line.  The manner in which that ideal line is obtained is the issue; both skiers have a responsibility.

Applicable USSA Rules:
340.1.1,  340.1.3,   391.7,   392.5