Rules For Postponement, Cancellation or Relocation Prior To Race Day

Note that refunds cannot be given for cancelled races.  All of the expenses  involved in putting on a race have been incurred prior to race day.  Thus giving refunds would be financially crippling to CCAK and the clubs involved.

Provision for Postponement, Cancellation or Relocation due to Weather or Snow Conditions

4.1. The CCAK Competition Committee will meet on the Wednesday prior to each scheduled weekend of racing to evaluate conditions and make any necessary decisions pertaining to the conduct of a race.

4.2. If, for whatever reason, one site in a region is unable to host a race, that race will be moved to the other site in the region, or another equivalent site capable of conducting a quality event.

4.3. This decision must be made at least 18 hours prior to the race.

4.4. If, for whatever reason, neither site in a region is able to hold a race, the races will be cancelled, unless the designated hosts within the region request that the races be moved to another region.

4.5. If a region requests of the CCAK Competition Committee that their races be relocated, the CCAK Competition Committee will meet and will offer the races to all other Besh Cup host organizations in the other regions.

4.6. No race shall be relocated without at least 10 days notice

4.7. A weekend of racing may be postponed for one week upon request of the organizers, subject to the approval of the Cross Country Alaska Competition Committee on the Wednesday prior to the originally-scheduled weekend of racing.

NOTE:The weekend after the scheduled weekend for the interior races has been set aside as a makeup weekend.


398.1 Policy:

398.1.1 Normally the factors to be considered for the cancellation or the postponement of a competition are: temperature, weather conditions, snow conditions and course conditions. If a competition is postponed, a new date should be arranged with the appropriate NSA.

398.1.2 Cancellation or Postponement more than Six Days Before the Competition: If a competition is to be postponed or cancelled, all competitors must be notified at least six days before the date of the original competition. Information regarding this should be immediately sent to NSAs and the media. The decision to cancel more than six days before the competition shall be made by the chief of competition and the TD.

398.1.3 Short Notice Cancellation: A short notice cancellation is made six or fewer days before the date of the competition. However, a competition can not be cancelled less than three hours before the scheduled start time except for the competitors’ and officials’ safety. The cancellation procedure must be included in the information to the competitors (see article 392.2). The cancellation decision shall be made by the Jury.

398.1.4 Refund Policy: Refunds are not given for a cancelled competition. If a competition is postponed, competitors who have paid the entry fee should be allowed to compete in the postponed competition without additional charge. If a competitor decides not to compete in the postponed competition, the entry fee will not be refunded.  (article 392).